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A halirious daily webcomic about Slick, a part time pimp who is negotiating to sell his soul to Satan. His friend Monique who is a huge skank with a heart of gold who is just trying to find the right guy. With halirious side characters, God`s fanboy, Satan`s fanboy. Cat and Dog,and many more.

A Modest Desinty

A halirious daily web comic about Maxim and his heroric adventures. He must battle theives, ninjas, his evil twin brother and a mysterious snot that won`t stop following him.

Nothing Nice

Nothing is an online comic strip focusing on, among other things, punk rock music, the scene, trends within the genre, etc. . New strips are added to the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


A place where you build your own creatures and see how they surivie in their natural habitat.You give them attributes and place them in ecostytems that you think are the best for them,then see how they breed.