Pop-up Blocker Test

Test #1

If your pop-up blocker is working, you should have noticed that it just blocked a pop-up window.

If you saw the pop-up window, you ought to get a better pop-up blocker. The best one out right now is the Google Toolbar. Already have the Google toolbar? Great, just click the "Options" button to turn pop-up blocking on. Hit the "refresh" button on your browser to re-test.

Test #2

There are some pop-up windows that you DON'T want to block. Those are ones that get launched when you click a link. Try this:

Click Here - You SHOULD get a pop-up window by clicking this.

If your pop-up blocker won't let you see the above, you should get a better pop-up blocker. As I mentioned, the Google Toolbar is the best. And no, I don't own stock in Google, but I've tried them all, and it's much faster than the others, not to mention it's free.

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