Goatse Of Christmas Past: Goatse Is Risen On A McDonalds Coffee Cup (A Christmas Miracle)

Submitted by: fancylad 1 year ago in Weird

It's been so long since I've seen a new Goatse in the wild. Oh sure, I see my share of Goatse on the internet, but I've seen them all a hundred times before. So it's nice to see Goatse make a clever subliminal appearence on the new McDonald's holiday-edition coffee cup.

McDonalds shouldn't worry though, if anything they should embrace this small burst of internet nostalgia when a Goatse post used to unite I-A-B. Goatse once brought us all together.

Don't ever forget Goatse, guys. Before Trump, before Obama, before Starbucks generic holiday coffee cup, there was Goatse and he never sparked a flame war, he united us.

You'll always be in my thoughts, Goatse. Here's to hoping we see more of you in 2017 -- we need you now more than ever.

Also, let it be known that the first article on the newly rebuilt I-A-B was a piece on Goatse. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
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I am bff's with one of the original Goatse dudes. Not the one with the gaping anus, though. The other one. ;)