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The Great Immigration Debate

Hits: 22156 | Rating: (3.0) | Category: Funny | Added by: buddy
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Male, 13-17, Western US
 37 Posts
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 4:22:20 AM
stoner eagles were the best part

Female, 18-29, Australia
 296 Posts
Saturday, September 09, 2006 5:14:32 AM
consider this - if the government allowed 'illegal immigration' it wouldn't be illegal anymore would it?
take the advice of the eagles people. 'chill out'

Male, 18-29, Western US
 110 Posts
Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:14:31 PM
I can't believe I read through all this crap primarily posted by ignorant children.

No Guinstar my last posts on this topic are not a jest.

I think all the idiots that are pro illegal immigration should be shot. Especially the morons waving the Mexican flag. They need to be asked if Mexico is so great, then why the hell are you coming to the US illegally in the first place? If you have so much Mexican pride then GO LIVE THERE AGAIN.

Female, 13-17, Europe
 565 Posts
Friday, May 12, 2006 5:55:01 AM
^ hahaha I spelled it correctly in the first place. Learn to spell then tell me where my place is.

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Thursday, May 11, 2006 8:35:21 PM
Arguement* You really need to learn your place. :\

Female, 13-17, Europe
 565 Posts
Tuesday, May 09, 2006 4:36:58 PM
SPrinkZ? half of the stuff in my post wasn't about you, i had another debate going on... stay out of my argument peon!

Male, 30-39, Australia
 1388 Posts
Tuesday, May 09, 2006 4:17:26 AM
good satire strikes hard at the heart of truth

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Monday, May 08, 2006 5:29:45 PM
Sadly if you were 'intelligent', you'd know I am not offending his intelligence, he is intelligent. He's just not knowledgable, stay out of the arguement peon.

Satire is a witty way of poking fun at events, or things we do in life in a humorous way, even if it's morbid, or just plain stupid. It tries to bring light to things.

Anyways, all I am going to say is, I'm very happy you are English, yet cannot use proper grammar or punctuation, go back to school kid.

18 isn't a magic number of omniscience, for my age I exceed my peer group by a few fold, so I am just going to leave this at that, have a nice day.

Female, 13-17, Europe
 565 Posts
Monday, May 08, 2006 2:46:46 PM
not that it really matters;)
and sorry but i have to add a few
ok?ok?okok?oooookkkkkkkk?? s in here aswell. i have nothing more constructive to do.

Female, 13-17, Europe
 565 Posts
Monday, May 08, 2006 2:44:14 PM
""You're probably about 15 years old, and cannot even comprehend the slaughter that went on""

you're 18... so no-one aged 15 can understand suffering, but as soon as we hit 18 we know all the ways of the world. that's about as logical as the rest of your arguments.

ok shizzaster, i suppose i haven't passed 'gr.7' as we don't have that system in britain, but i am in a higher year than a 13 yr old, if that is what defines intelligence to you. i don't want to turn this into some kind of argument, but that definition up the top of the page is from google definitions, i looked it up. a parody can also be a satirical look at an event in history. ie the immigration issue.

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Monday, May 08, 2006 12:20:36 AM
I already understand what you said, it's a very generic old fashioned view of american culture, the great melting pot, etc.

You grew up here, you're american, your culture, heritage etc, lose it, you're american.

It's nice to have something to look back on, just because you don't appreciate your culture doesn't mean you can superimpose your lack of interest on others. That's foolish, I take pride in what I know, and I knew A LOT about the diseases that ran rampant through the native american population, and the gases used on the jews in the holocaust.

Look kid, I'm a full time college student, what are the odds I'd be ignorant about something as detrimental as genocide to an entire GROUP of people such as the jews, or the native americans? I'm already through highschool, and we learned about the poor jews for about 3 years, every year the same crap about the jews. F*ck the native americans though.

Just think about it for a little while, hopefully it will all sink in soon.

Male, 18-29, Western US
 2981 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 9:38:10 PM
But you seem convinced, so you must be right.

I concede. You 'beat my ass'.

Male, 18-29, Western US
 2981 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 9:37:50 PM
I missed the part where you 'beat my ass' in any debate.
All I saw was an online argument that had no solid point because you switched it every new batch of posts, a bunch of figures you looked up online, and a one sided mentality. Not to mention the extreme use of the word 'ignorant' despite those last two facts.

Twice already I stopped and clearly said in my posts "I can see where you're coming from, but" and you just shot back with insults, and facts you probably didn't even know before this "debate". I was TRYING to understand where you were coming from but you made that exceedingly difficult by believing so much that you're right.

I told you "I see you think like this, I think like this" you said "F*CK YOU! YOU'RE IGNORANT! HERE'S A LINK WITH SOME FACTS ON IT!" You took no time to try and understand what I was actually saying. Maybe that's why you consider me ignorant?

Male, 13-17, Canada
 144 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 9:04:59 PM
Funny clip, huh?

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 7:20:38 PM
I have the right to call you ignorant on the issue; because I fully understand the issue. America brushes over their holocaust; because we're the good guys. Right?


Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 7:17:49 PM
You're probably about 15 years old, and cannot even comprehend the slaughter that went on, nearly double the jewish population, and also it didn't take 400 years, it took more like 150 years to get to where they were.

I just don't know how much I have to beat your ass in this debate for you to realize how stupid you sound.

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 7:16:58 PM
This was over 400 years ago, did the settlers have cars, or gas chambers, or sophisticated machinery, trains, etc? They had no way to round up the native americans, they were grossly out numbered, and ontop of that. You're a damn idiot.

I have no idea how to show you how flawed your logic is, it's just disgusting. To sum up everything:

You're an idiot, you

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 7:15:54 PM
Here is how it was worse: They were known to give them their old world diseases, such as smallpox. Do you have any idea what smallpox does? If you get the NICEST form of you, you'll just bleed form all your orifices, and eventually die, the worst kind, you get billard ball eyes, your eyes turn completely black, you bleed from every orifice imaginable, and from inside out.


Native Americans - 1
Jews - 0

I'll take the zyklon b please. Smallpox is a much more horrible death to endure, not only is it slow, it's excrutiatingly painful. I don't care if I had no part in it, I don't care if you didn't have any part in it.

But you're just like EVERYONE else, you don't GIVE a sh*t about history, and history dictates we make the same f*cking mistakes. Everyone cries for the

Male, 13-17, Canada
 1955 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 6:17:25 PM
i think he says it was worse than the holocaust because the casualties were near double... but both were terrible--- damn you white people!

and person who posted above me, get real, don't be dense.

a satire pokes fun at our world.
a parody at another work of art. come back to argue this when you pass gr.7....

and by the way, did you actually LOOK it up!?!?!? and if you loooked up parody why not then satire?
i didn't use it... but if you need to www.dictionary.com now don't be thickheaded. ok? okkk? ooook? okokokok?

jesus christ, don't even think about pointing out my capitalization because it has nothing to do with my post, i know how to capitalize.

Female, 13-17, Europe
 565 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 3:11:41 PM
hey shizzaster, here is a definition from google of parody
"Make a spoof of or make fun of/
Humorous or satirical mimicry"
ok?? ok?? ok?? oooookkkkk?

Male, 18-29, Western US
 2981 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 10:13:26 AM
To sum it all up:

When the 'genocide of native americans' happened, times were different. Mentalities were different. Christ, the PEOPLE were different.

Quit holding a grudge about something not only YOU had no part in, but that NOBODY around now had a part in.

Male, 18-29, Western US
 2981 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 10:10:29 AM
And really...what do you expect from America?

It's not like we can just say
"Sorry, Native Americans..." and move out

What you're doing is carrying an anger and a hatred for something you had ABSOLUTELY NO PART IN. I'm not saying you can't say what happened is disgusting. But you're acting like you were there when it happened and something's going to happen now to change the past.

The truth is, you're apparently carrying a weight on your shoulders that shouldn't be there. Either (again) someone's convincing you it's a good idea to run around preaching this, or you're doing this on your own trying to make what your ANCESTORS went through give you a reason to bitch.

Male, 18-29, Western US
 2981 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 10:05:29 AM
Man...do they preach this sh*t to you??

Here's some figures...
holacaust: 1941-1945 almost 6 million jews killed
(according to your link)
Native American Genocide: 1492-1892 11,763,000 killed

Hopefully you see where I'm going with this.

That's 4 YEARS and nearly half the casualties from something that took 400? But I suppose since you guys were nearly depleted, it makes up for 396 years....that is if you don't bring concentration camps into the picture.

I'm not saying what happened to the ntive americans was right, but JESUS H CHRIST, how can you say the sh*t was worse than the holocaust?!

Either someone's spitting this propoganda to you and america should watch out from an uprising of the "New Native Americans" Or you're making these accusations on your own. Either way you're not looking up anything that doesn't help your argument out, and either way you don't have the space to call someone ignorant on the issue.

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 4:12:02 AM
The native american population was over 12 million, they rendered it down to just over 230,000. They killed 95% of the native american population, do you f*cking understand that? You whiney little pieces of trash have nothing to say.

They deserve what they get, and I hope all the cigarettes and weed they have given you bastards kills you all, I'll never touch the sh*t, and I can only relish in the fact you can all shove a piece of cancer in your face and slowly commit suicide for the addiction. We're finally catching up with you in the sheer amount of murder. Maybe that's harsh, but it makes me happy to know you're all so pathetically stupid to do such a thing.

Just look at this: http://www.iearn.org/hgp/aeti/aeti-1997/...

Then shut the drat up for the rest of your ignorant, worthless piece of sh*t lives.

Male, 18-29, Eastern US
 2274 Posts
Sunday, May 07, 2006 4:09:22 AM
Native americans were the first to be in America, all people originated from africa, the [africans] migrated across asia, then across the bering straight into north america, then down into south america, etc.

They were not immigrants, they were the first settlers of that part of this world, and they deserve some of their land back that was STOLEN from them. There were eleven million native americans when they got here, perhaps more, take a guess how many are left? Two million, since they originally came here and killed them with their disgusting biological warfare.

Think about that, multiple generations later, and their population is only a hair over two million, only six million jews were killed in WWII, over 11 million native americans were killed, and no one gives a poo. Why? Because of ignorance, no one needs to care about the 'savages' they don't believe in God, so it's perfectly justifiable to go off and kill them all!

Let's have a party, then rape all their women!

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