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Nosey Old Lady Harasses Kid Outside Of Target For Selling Candy

This dried-up old lady should've talked to the store manager like a civil adult about this matter, but she had to get preachy and humiliate the kid in public. But that's just me.
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Date 06/29/16 08:13 PM

There Was A High-Speed Go-Kart Chase In Oakland Today [Video]

Unfortunately, the clip's only 18 seconds long, but if there is a comedy god, there'll be a full news report on this guy very soon.
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Date 06/29/16 07:32 PM

President Obama Addressed Gun Control 3 Weeks Ago… [Video]

Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary In this town hall meeting, a concerned citizen asked Obama why he and Hillary Clinton want to take guns away from the "good guys."
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Date 06/29/16 05:33 PM

Caitlyn Jenner Is On This Week’s Cover Of Sports Illustrated [2 Pics]

Forty years -- almost to the year -- after she was on the cover as Bruce to commemorate his Montreal gold medal win. Today, she graces the cover in a dowdy jumper and a wonky left eye.
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Date 06/29/16 03:15 PM

The Houston Mom Who Shot/Killed Her Daughters Did It As Punishment To Dad

You might not want to listen to the 911 recording inside -- it's one of the worst things I've ever heard. In short, the mom wanted to make her husband "pay." Pay for what, not sure yet.
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Date 06/29/16 11:26 AM

Why Are So Many Whales Getting Stranded All Over The World? [Pics]

It is not clear what caused the whales to beach in the first place, but scenes like this are common when whales get sick. So what's making them sick?
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Date 06/29/16 10:43 AM

Is This The Indy 500 Or A Disgusting Local Landfill ? [Trashy Pics]

Snapshots of the piles of trash at an event left behind by the participants and spectators.
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Date 06/29/16 10:11 AM

This Lady Saved Some Random Guy’s Life While Others Mocked Her Efforts

A man suffering from a serious heart attack was saved by strangers who ignored the denunciations of an ignorant crowd. After his recovery he reached out to his guardian angels.
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Date 06/29/16 07:09 AM

The Actual Benghazi Report Out Today And It Fingers Clinton And Obama

I-A-B liberals have been saying for months the reports are done, the investigations were over. Wrong again -- the official finding are finally out.
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Date 06/29/16 06:52 AM

Meena Asadi, Exiled By Taliban, Is One Of Those Heroes You Never Hear About

Asadi, a karate champion exiled by the Taliban, helps young refugees battle the soul-destroying boredom of years in limbo, awaiting asylum which may never come.
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Date 06/29/16 06:40 AM

Hitting The Brakes On Consumption

A look into some of the authors, organizations, and books that keep tabs on hyper-consumerism.
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Date 06/29/16 06:15 AM

How These Three Women Stopped A Rape In Progress

On a dinner date with friends, three ladies watched a man attempt to drug his date and leapt to action.
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Date 06/29/16 05:06 AM

Constructing Buildings Higher Than 4 Stories Could Mean Pricing You Out

A new study out of Orange County, CA points to new development actually hurting the market rates for property.
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Date 06/28/16 09:40 AM

Libertarian Gary Johnson Is Trying To Win Over Clinton, Trump Haters

In order to be part of the presidential debates in the fall, he needs to poll at 15 percent. Part of the problem, Johnson said, is many polls measure only support for Trump and Clinton.
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Date 06/28/16 09:06 AM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #119 [Pics]

Like tea leaves and tarot cards, legend has it that one fortune can be told through Fancy's Captionless 40 -- it's true, but beware -- there are a couple NSFWish pics included.
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Date 06/28/16 06:50 AM

Massachusetts’ Has It’s Very Own Creepy “Bermuda Triangle” [Pics]

Creepy lore surrounding a 200-square mile swath of land in Massachusetts is thought to be haunted by aliens, the illuminate, and deceased Native Americans.
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Date 06/28/16 06:24 AM

Photos Of People Progressively Getting Drunker In 4 Stages [Pics]

Here's a series of pictures of people drinking wine. Not exactly "the best thing you'll see all day," but it's something!
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Date 06/28/16 06:17 AM

China On Brexit? ‘You’re Going To Crash And Burn, But We’ll Be Fine’

China's kicking its feet up and laughing at the rest of the world over Brexit.
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Date 06/28/16 06:12 AM

Groupon Founder Says It’s OK To Not Have An Opinion On Everything

Y Combinator's 'The Macro' did a short interview with self-proclaimed introvert and Groupon founder, Andrew Mason. In short, keep some of your thoughts, opinions, and hot takes to yourself.
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Date 06/28/16 05:50 AM

Elizabeth Warren Is Being Vetted For Clinton’s Vice President Pick

Looks like this is happening, people. More interesting than this being the first all-female President/VP team is how Trump supporters will take this news.
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Date 06/28/16 05:01 AM

I’m Glad Abusers Can’t Own A Gun: Comments From A Child Abuse Survivor

In a ruling which personally resonates with LaLa, SCOTUS says people with domestic violence records cannot own a gun.
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Date 06/28/16 04:25 AM

American Red Cross Apologizes For Their Totally Racist Poster [Pic]

Just kidding, the Red Cross claims the racial undertones were a mistake and they apologized for the huge oversight, but what do you think? Is the poster a subtle jab at racism or a mistake?
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Date 06/27/16 03:32 PM
Close-Up of Man Holding .45 Caliber Handgun

SCOTUS Ruled People Convicted Of Domestic Violence Can’t Buy Guns [Video+]

Hey everyone, if you beat your spouse, you're probably not going to be able to legally obtain a weapon. That's not a problem, is it?
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Date 06/27/16 02:35 PM

The Life Of The Black Man That Has Sex With White Men’s White Wives

Dave is a doctor, in his mid-40s, lives in Arizona, and over 100 white guys ask him to have sex with their white wives. He's been doing it for 10 years and he's always booked. [Safe for work]
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Date 06/27/16 02:26 PM

Game Of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10: Group Discussion [Video+]

I only have a two-gif response to last night’s season finale… Let’s discuss — lot’s to figure out (for me).

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Date 06/27/16 12:24 PM

The Last Words Of Russian Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, 1967 [Video]

Komarov knew that this flight wouldn't bring him back alive, but he accepted the doomed mission to protect his friend and back-up cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin.
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Date 06/27/16 11:45 AM

The Tragic End Of Michigan’s Chain Gang Raises Concerns For Bicyclists [Pics+]

Nine friends were five-miles into their bike ride before a drugged driver overtook them. How safe are you on a bike when you share the road with cars?
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Date 06/27/16 10:19 AM

The Good And The Bad Of The Floods Of Tasmania [Video]

Tasmania is going through one hell of a flood season. Here are two points of view from the locals and a pretty bad-ass video of the damage being done.
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Date 06/27/16 10:12 AM

Ariel Winter Is Doubling Down In A Bikini On Her Social Media Accounts [Pic]

Is Modern Family's 18-year-old Ariel Winter trolling her haters or just projecting herself as an independant, adult actor, unattached anyone controlling her career?
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Date 06/27/16 09:16 AM

Bay Area Police Have Lost 944 Guns In 6 Years, Where Are They?

The Mercury News put together one hell of a report on issues Bay Area law enforcement have with keeping track of their guns. The next gun that kills a pedestrian could be theirs.
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Date 06/27/16 06:36 AM

Dana Carvey Shows Off The Move David Bowie Taught Him [Video]

"Wayne's World's" Garth (Dana Carvey) endears viewers with a night he hung out with David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
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Date 06/27/16 06:29 AM

The Job Market Still Sucks, But Have People Given Up Job Searching?

CNBC suggests the job market is in trouble because no one is job hunting, but then later they admit a lot of older people are retiring. Which is it CNBC? Do we panic and blame or acknowledge an aging workforce?
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Date 06/27/16 06:23 AM

Maryland Strippers Have More Employment Security Than Uber Drivers

Bloomberg draws a parallel between the paychecks of strippers and Uber drivers.
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Date 06/27/16 06:13 AM

The Indonesian Bugis: The Ancient History Of Gender Binary-ism

Atlas Obscura brought up the curious topic of gender binary-ism and its historical and cultural roots in society.
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Date 06/27/16 06:01 AM

How To Get On The NSA’s Watchlist (Just To See What It’s Like, For Fun)

Here's a shticky website built around a loaded script ready to ruin your search history. Proceed with caution.
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Date 06/27/16 05:59 AM

Neo-Nazis Violently Clash With Counter-Protesters In Sacramento [Video]

All hell breaks loose as multiple stabbings are reported in old school free-for-all rumbles between white supremacists and anarchists in Sacramento, California.
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Date 06/26/16 07:00 PM

The 5 Ways Women Are Superior To Men [Video]

A video in response to "17 Ways That Science Proves Women Are Superior To Men." Lots of opinions being thrown around -- who's right?
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Date 06/26/16 09:04 AM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #118 [Pics]

Like tea leaves and tarot cards, legend has it that one fortune can be told through Fancy's Captionless 40 -- it's true, but beware -- there are a couple NSFWish pics included.
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Date 06/26/16 08:55 AM

Aziz Ansari: Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family

A short op-ed piece written by Ansari for the times. It's a quick read -- worth reading if you have five minutes.
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Date 06/26/16 07:59 AM
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Date 06/26/16 07:13 AM

Maybe AK-15 Assault Rifles Just Get A Bad Rap [2 Photos]

You know, because the Ar-15 is the most misunderstood of all the assault rifles.
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Date 06/25/16 08:15 PM

Midnight Movie: A Tale Of Momentum & Inertia [65-Second Video]

Short, cute, animated movie that shows even your best intentions can sometimes be undone... political undertones in at as well
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Date 06/25/16 07:52 PM

What’s The World’s Oldest Torrent That’s Still Being Shared After 4,500+ Days

You get one guess, I-A-B -- click in for the answer and article... (Hint: It's a movie file.)
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Date 06/25/16 07:22 PM

Nigel Farage’s Ukip Brexit Poster Flirts With Nazi Propaganda Imagery [Pics]

An anti-migrant poster unveiled by Nigel Farage has been reported to the police with a complaint that it incites racial hatred and breaches UK race laws with shades of Nazi propaganda.
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Date 06/25/16 06:21 PM

What Ever Became Of Ol’ Scary Mary Trump And Her Terrified Hair? [6 Pics]

Using an inferior sense of deductive reasoning, LaLa decodes Mary and Donald Trump's horrible hair.
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Date 06/25/16 05:05 PM

A Family Argument Caused Mom To Shoot And Kill Her Daughters

A Fort Bend County woman shot her two adult daughters Friday -- killing one of them at the scene -- before she was fatally shot by a responding police officer. #GUNZ4LIFE
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Date 06/25/16 01:01 PM
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Date 06/25/16 12:48 PM

America Is Polarized, But Not That Much Different Ideologically

Even though most of us are pretty similar ideologically the radicals keep us from progressing on things like Gun Control, Climate Change, economic inequality, healthcare.
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Date 06/25/16 12:31 PM

40 More Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #117 [Pics]

Like tea leaves and tarot cards, legend has it that one fortune can be told through Fancy's Captionless 40 -- it's true, but beware -- there are a couple NSFWish pics included.
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Date 06/25/16 10:08 AM

Real Estate Lobby Practices Buck Passing Like a Pigskin to a Tight End

Marina Times challenges the circular argument of the San Francisco real estate lobby.
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Date 06/25/16 09:34 AM