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Worst Dad Of The Year, Also Probably Going To Hell [Vine]

I hate kids just as much as the next person, but this is just cruel. Let's hope Olivia gets back at her dad the second she hits her teens and scorches her dad's world.
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Date 02/08/16 06:23 PM

This Is How Much Beer Cost At Yesterday’s Super Bowl 50 [Pic]

Please kill me if I ever pay that much for a plastic cup of Bud Light.
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Date 02/08/16 06:15 PM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #13 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/08/16 02:52 PM

When You See It: Swedish School Teens Edition [Pic]

Look deep and hard, I-A-B -- the truth is in this photo...
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Date 02/08/16 12:02 PM

This Is How The Rest Of The World See America [Pic]

One imagines that the rest of the world thinks that the lunatics are running the asylum, and they'd probably be correct.
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Date 02/08/16 10:36 AM

Peyton Manning Whores Shills For Beer After Super Bowl [Vine]

What do you do when you win the Super Bowl in a boring, but solid underdog fashion? You whore yourself out for Budweiser. Tacky or OK?
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Date 02/08/16 10:16 AM

Super Bowl Commercial Angers People With 9/11 Footage [Video]

There's always a Super Bowl ad that angers people -- here's yesterdays. It's an spot for Colonial Williamsburg‎ with clips of war, including the 9/11 attacks.
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Date 02/08/16 10:02 AM

Bern your Enthusiasm: Larry David’s Crushes SNL [Video]

Larry David hosted this past weekend's Saturday Night Live and produced the funniest SNL skit in at least 10 years. Genius.
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Date 02/08/16 07:37 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #757 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Good morning, I-A-B. Thanks for spending some of your Monday with us. Look for piping-hot fresh content here all day long. It's gonna be a long day.
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Date 02/08/16 07:31 AM

Was There A Great Post-Game Super Bowl Moment Like This? [Vine]

I didn't see much after the 3rd quarter of last night's boring Super Bowl. Was there a 9/11 truther moment during the post-game interviews like there was last year?
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Date 02/08/16 06:48 AM
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Date 02/07/16 10:41 AM

Cement Cinder Block Sale On Craigslist, You Idiot – $1 [Pic]

My instincts aren't always dead on, but something tells me this guy's been burned on Craigslist before...
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Date 02/07/16 10:30 AM

Meanwhile In The Suburbs Of Canada… [Gif]

Who feels dumb now that they just cancelled your moose insurance policy?
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Date 02/07/16 10:25 AM

Surprise Vine Appearance From Everyone’s Favorite Jeff [Vine]

If I was smart, I'd make sure Jeff's full name was in the title to get the SEO keywords Google so militantly expects, but it would take away from the surprise...
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Date 02/07/16 10:15 AM

Bernie Sanders Says Bernie Bros Are “Crap” And “Sexist” [Video]

Have you heard of Bernie Bros? They're the over-enthusiastic sexist frat bros who support Bernie Sanders and they're picking up momentum. But Sanders is angry about them.
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Date 02/07/16 10:02 AM
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.37.42 AM

NASA Posts Over 10,000 Photos From Apollo Moon Landing [Pics]

Possibly because NASA is tired of conspiracy theorists (like you) claiming the '69 Apollo moon landing was fake, they released over 10,000 unseen photos of the mission. Here are 14.
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Date 02/07/16 09:40 AM

North Korea Launched A Long-Range Rocket This Morning [Video]

Honest question, I-A-B: When do we start getting concerned about all of these launches of North Korea? This is their second in 3 weeks.
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Date 02/07/16 09:30 AM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #12 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/07/16 09:25 AM

RIP Dan: Hot Licks Singer Dan Hicks Dies At 74 [Video]

Singer Dan Hicks, best-known as the lead musician and founder of the 70s acoustic band Hicks and His Hot Licks, has died at the age of 74.
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Date 02/07/16 09:18 AM

The Shadow Puppet: Worst Dad In The World Or Funniest? [Video]

Dad scares his daughter with a hand shadow? Pretty harmless, but at least there's video to make sure the emotional scars live on forever.
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Date 02/07/16 07:41 AM

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog At The Democratic Debate [Video]

Triumph's back with a visit to the Democratic debate in Charlton, South Carolina. Pretty sure Triumph is the only intentional funny thing about the 2016 election.
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Date 02/06/16 02:40 PM
THE LAST MAN ON EARTH:  Will Forte as Phil Miller. THE LAST MAN ON EARTH is set for a special One-Hour Season Premiere Event, Sunday, March 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and makes its time period premiere Sunday, March 8 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Frank Ockenfels/FOX

So Will Forte Cut Off Half His Hair, Eyebrows And All [Pic]

If you've seen him in Last Man On Earth, you know what he looks like a shaggy, hairy homeless hobo. Now, he only looks like HALF a shaggy, homeless hobo.
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Date 02/06/16 02:25 PM

The Complete History Of Japan In Minutes [Video]

I got more out of this video than a semester of Intro to Japanese History in college and it didn't cost me several hundred dollars to do it. Might be the video of the day.
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Date 02/06/16 12:23 PM

50 Years Of The NFL’s Super Bowl Cheerleaders [53 Pics]

[I-A-B Partner] From 1967 when NFL cheerleaders were covered in long pleated skirts and sweaters, to bare midriffs and camel-toe enhancing hot pants.
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Date 02/06/16 12:14 PM

37 Photos Of The Women Of Rio’s Carnival 2016 [Pics]

Ah, Brazil -- charging head-first into their annual 5-day Carnival celebration this week, despite despite hardcore Zika fears. Some photos NSFWish.
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Date 02/06/16 11:53 AM

Topless Salma Hayek Rushed To Hospital Emergency Room [Pic]

Well, not technically topless, but this photo sorta gives one the illusion of what it would look like if she celebrated her blessings with the world.
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Date 02/06/16 11:04 AM
Democratic presidential candidates  Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, left, and Hillary Rodham Clinton talk before the CNN Democratic presidential debate Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker)

Count Errors Found In Last Monday’s Iowa Caucus Voting Results

Uh oh, Discrepancies have been found in the Iowa caucus count for the Democrats -- Iowa officials are investigating this weekend. With the close finish, this could put Sanders in the lead.
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Date 02/06/16 10:55 AM

Flashback 40: Old-Timey Photos From The Good Old Days [Pics]

These photos span the '50s to around the early '90s -- the somewhat good old days. Hooray for nostalgia! [Safe for work.]
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Date 02/06/16 10:18 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #756 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Thanks for spending some of your Saturday morning here, I-A-B. Your support is what keeps this site moving forward. New posts all day long.
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Date 02/06/16 08:44 AM

Nintendo On Celebrating Black History Month [Pic]

Not saying Nintendo is racist, but their social media guy could probably use a seminar or two on cultural sensitivity. Just saying.
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Date 02/06/16 08:06 AM

Michael Phelps’ World’s Longest Televised Golf Putt At 159 Feet [Gif]

The putt's by Olympic swimmer and weed enthusiast, Michael Phelps. His putt travels just a few feet over the length of half a football field.
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Date 02/06/16 07:55 AM

Model Has 6 Ribs Removed, Wants World’s Smallest Waist [Video]

Former electrician Pixee Fox, from North Carolina, is going for what sounds like the impossible: The world's smallest waist at 14 inches.
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Date 02/06/16 07:33 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #755 [Pics]

[PM Edition] Hey I-A-B, thanks again for your continued support. Lots more posts today, but don't forget we're posting heavy this weekend, including Super Bowl Sunday.
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Date 02/05/16 04:42 PM

Freeloading Canadian Goose Doesn’t Care About Your Boat Ride [Gif]

"Hi guys, you cool if I just plant my feathered ass on the bow?"
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Date 02/05/16 04:12 PM

Cosplay Girl Body Painted As Harley Quinn In Suicide Squad [Pic]

Her costume is actually airbrush-sprayed onto her body, but no nips or anything visible, it's safe for work. The artist's name is Diego Gonzalez from Chicago. Beautiful work.
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Date 02/05/16 03:18 PM

Conspiracy? Three People Die After Contracting Zika This Week

A National Health Institute director said that all 3 victims were confirmed to have had Zika. This indicates that the virus, in addition to causing brain damage infants, causes death in adults.
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Date 02/05/16 02:56 PM

26 Photos Of Trivial Facts And Scantily-Clad Ladies [Pics]

[I-A-B Partner] Learn a little something about the world you live in and look at visually appealing photos -- it's a win-win for your brain. And thanks for supporting our partners.
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Date 02/05/16 02:35 PM

New Zealand Politician Steven Joyce Hit By Huge Dildo [Video]

The dildo throwing happened today, the thrower (ID'd as Josie Butler), was mad about NZ's new Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
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Date 02/05/16 01:22 PM

Overview Photo Of Today’s Collapsed NYC Crane [Pic]

Reports by people in the area said they felt their buildings shake and roll as far as 5 blocks away and many thought it was an earthquake.
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Date 02/05/16 11:19 AM

NYC Crane Collapses “Like A Bomb”, Kills One [Video]

It happened this morning. A 20-story construction crane collapsed in Lower Manhattan early Friday, falling on a row of cars. One guy died, 15 injured.
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Date 02/05/16 11:06 AM

40 Photos Fancy Can’t Think Up Witty Captions For, #11 [Pics]

Fancy's Captionless 40: If you can put a good caption to these pics, great -- if not, just lean back and enjoy the deepest layer of Fancy's hard drive. A couple pics NSFWish.
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Date 02/05/16 08:39 AM

Mike Rowe: With The Rat Hunters In New York City [Video]

Average citizens and their dogs go hunting for rats in the Rotten Apple every night. I knew rats were a huge problem in NYC, but this is madness!
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Date 02/05/16 07:11 AM
1. Heaven is a place on earth.

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #754 [Pics]

[AM Edition] Good morning, I-A-B. As Barry Mannilow sang in "Looks Like We Made It," looks like we made it to another Friday, amirite, guys?
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Date 02/05/16 07:00 AM

Rare Footage Of 2nd Plane Hitting The World Trade Center [Gif]

Posted because this is a fairly rare clip and it's very clean and clear. It's been 15 years and it's still a chilling sight -- specially at this angle. It couldn't be CGI'd, it's too surreal.
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Date 02/05/16 06:37 AM

Dave Mirra, BMX Legend, Dead At 41 Of Apparent Suicide

BMX icon and X-Games legend Dave Mirra -- who once had the record for the most X Games medals -- died of an apparent suicide in his truck yesterday. [First submitted by I-A-B user ForSquirrel.]
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Date 02/05/16 06:02 AM

Natalie Dormer At The London Premiere Of Zoolander 2 [Pics]

Why? Because she looked like an angel and it's Friday damnit and we deserve this.
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Date 02/05/16 05:33 AM

School Lunch In Japan: Everyone Else Does It Wrong [Video]

This short video is a must see. It's a short glimpse into how elementary school kids in Japan prepare and eat lunch. No other country comes close to this.
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Date 02/05/16 04:55 AM

The New Non-Nude Playboy Cover Is A Sad Letdown [Pic]

If this isn't a sign of the internet pounding the final nail in the coffin of the print magazine industry, I don't know what is.
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Date 02/04/16 01:16 PM

Jeb Bush Now Begging For His Audience’s Approval [Video]

And this guy wanted to be the POTUS?
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Date 02/04/16 12:50 PM

Chick-Fil-A Says Their Nuggets Are A Healthy Alternative [Pic]

What profession is worse than a lawyer? It's the Chick-Fil-A copywriter trying to convince us that their fast food is a healthy alternative.
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Date 02/04/16 11:52 AM