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Limited Edition: The I-Am-Bored T-Shirt Is Now On Sale [Pinned]

The I-A-B "Space Invaders" t-shirt. Makes the perfect holiday gift or you, because you should always treat yo'self. Details inside!
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Date 11/23/15 12:53 PM

Marriage Is Forever [Pic]

Those of you who are married will get this one.
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Date 11/29/15 10:46 AM

Call Me A Traditionalist, But It’s Not Christmas… [Pic]

...until the Nativity Scene makes its first appearance in the house.
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Date 11/29/15 10:33 AM

12 Highest-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A 40-Hour Week

[I-A-B Partner] The American dream is to make as much money as possible while doing as little as possible. These jobs keep the dream alive.
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Date 11/29/15 10:29 AM

Et Tu, Vodka? [Pic]

We are watching society crumble right before our eyes.
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Date 11/29/15 10:08 AM

Always Research Your Potential College Professors [Pic]

A bad one with an agenda can turn a fun class like "Intro to Sex Ed" into a series of self-righteous political lectures.
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Date 11/29/15 09:48 AM

Porn Genres Broken Down By The Numbers [Infographic]

Safe for work. Although you'll never think of the words like "red rhapsody" and "cookies" the same way.
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Date 11/29/15 09:27 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #658

[AM Edition] Thanks for your continued support, I-A-B. Every click extends your life one additional minute.
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Date 11/29/15 09:06 AM

BREAKING: Kids Are Using Secret Apps For Noods & Sexting [Video]

Sorry teens, you've been found out. Mainstream media knows about your secret apps. Back to the drawing board for you.
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Date 11/29/15 08:17 AM

Why Does Global Warming Only Turn Muslims Into Terrorists?

Obama has said this several times, as have other Democrats and even Prince Charles. Why only Muslims though? Any thoughts?
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Date 11/29/15 08:02 AM
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Date 11/29/15 07:49 AM

Santa Getting One More Squirt In Before Election Day [Pic]

It's gonna be weird next year -- this has been a fairly long tradition.
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Date 11/28/15 02:17 PM

Obama on Planned Parenthood Shooting: “Enough Is Enough”

Strong words stated by Obama in his press release (posted inside). Does this mean Obama's gonna push gun laws? That's how this reads...
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Date 11/28/15 12:30 PM

Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooter Caught And ID’d [Pic]

The guy who went on a Planned Parenthood shooting spree in Colorado, was caught and has just been identified a few hours ago.
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Date 11/28/15 11:40 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #657

[AM Edition] The first weekend after Thanksgiving and I'm scheduled to put up the Christmas lights on the house. What are your plans, I-A-B?
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Date 11/28/15 10:17 AM

Canadian Government Welcomes Refugees With A New Webpage [Pic]

Looks like Canada has no qualms in accepting any and all refugees and they just launched a fancy website that aids all comers.
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Date 11/28/15 09:10 AM

Maru The Cat Meets A Step Ladder [Video]

It these troubled times, one must stop and watch the cat videos!
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Date 11/28/15 08:48 AM

This Is How Your Pencils Are Made [Video]

From reducing graphite rocks into dust to popping those pink erasers on top, this is all the work that goes into making one pencil.
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Date 11/28/15 08:45 AM

This Is How They Separate Yolks From Eggs With Precision

Ever wonder how one would separate the egg whites from the egg yolks withsspeed and efficiency? First, you get this machine...
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Date 11/28/15 08:33 AM

10 Plausible Fan Theories For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Some decent Time Magazine fan theories for sure, but you're going to hate theory #1.
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Date 11/28/15 08:23 AM

The Magnus Effect: Proven With A Basketball & Gordon Dam

While at the Gordon Dam (located in South West Tasmania, Australia), these guys decided to see how back spin affected a basketball when dropped from 140m (about 460 feet) up.
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Date 11/28/15 08:12 AM

13 Proven Signs That You’re Smarter Than Average [Pics]

[I-A-B Partner] According to science, if you have any of the following attributes, you're probably smarter than the average person.
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Date 11/28/15 07:53 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #656

[PM Edition] Hope you lived through another Black Friday. If you're like me, you slept though most of it.
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Date 11/27/15 07:18 PM

This Wolf Statue Is Made Entirely Of Pipe Cleaners [Pic]

You can see a few unfinished pipe cleaners if you look close enough --- perfect job.
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Date 11/27/15 02:39 PM

Dr. Young’s Ideal Rectal Dilators Were A Real Thing [Pic]

Dr. Young’s Dilators were medical devices sold in the US until the early 1940s. Dr. Young was convinced that rectal dilation was a cure for insanity.
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Date 11/27/15 02:22 PM
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Date 11/27/15 02:09 PM

Where Is Other Life In Our Universe? [5 Pics]

The universe is huge, but where's everyone else? These theories present some possible answers.
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Date 11/27/15 01:48 PM

New Product Alert: Ketchup Leather Is A Thing In Canada [Pic]

Los Angeles chef, Ernesto Uchimura, thinks regular ketchup gets burgers and sandwiches soggy. He thinks his ketchup leather will change that.
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Date 11/27/15 12:04 PM

That Moment When The Drugs Kick In [Gif]

Her crash is gonna be one for the ages.
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Date 11/27/15 09:54 AM

The First Of The Black Friday Mall Fights Are In [Video]

This first clip is of a pretty violent melee in a shopping mall in Louisville, Kentucky. Be careful out there, I-A-B.
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Date 11/27/15 09:25 AM

Know Your Nerd: The 9 Different Types Of Nerds [Pic]

Which one are you, I-A-B? I'm going to embarrassingly go with Internet Nerd for myself.
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Date 11/27/15 09:05 AM

Has The US Been Sparing ISIS?

Is the US intentionally holding back on going after ISIS? If so, why? This article tackles that theory.
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Date 11/27/15 08:34 AM

Rainbow Wolf Needs To Be Stopped [Pic]

Is there anything worse than new-age hippie earth moms?
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Date 11/27/15 08:20 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #655

[AM Edition] Hey I-A-B, who else feels like a huge, fat waste of space? Same here, way too much food yesterday. So much shame.
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Date 11/27/15 08:04 AM

Did You Know There’s A Christian Version Of Guitar Hero? [Pic]

Is there anything sadder than the box for "Guitar Praise" and it's desperate attempt to make the game sound cooler than it is?
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Date 11/27/15 07:29 AM

“Another Angry Woman” Makes Sourdough Bread

With one very special ingredient. One only hopes she brought a few loaves to the Thanksgiving table last night.
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Date 11/27/15 07:22 AM
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Date 11/27/15 06:45 AM

10 More Photos From Fancy’s Hard Drive #654

[PM Edition] How was your holiday, I-A-B in the States. Everyone else, how was Thursday?
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Date 11/26/15 03:22 PM

Is Michael Cera Even A Real Person? [10 Pics]

At what point is this just Cera trolling us all?
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Date 11/26/15 11:13 AM

Eagles Of Death Metal Recount Night Of Paris’ ISIS Attack [Video]

During their Nov. 13 show in Paris, gunmen entered the venue and opened fire leaving at least 90 dead. The band speaks VICE about the events that took place that night.
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Date 11/26/15 10:54 AM

More Old-Timey Life Advice From Abraham Lincoln [Pic]

He has a way of getting right to the point.
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Date 11/26/15 10:37 AM

Washington Redskins Just Posted This Thanksgiving Tweet [Pic]

What's your take, I-A-B? I guess it all depends on what side you stand on in the Redskins debate.
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Date 11/26/15 10:31 AM
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Date 11/26/15 10:14 AM

Bill Hicks On The Meaning Of Life [10 Gifs]

This was Bill Hicks in his 1993 standup special, Revelations, recorded at the Dominion Theatre in London.
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Date 11/26/15 09:52 AM

Nirvana’s BBC Protest Performance On Top Of The Pops

The band was upset when they were told that they'd have to sing live over a pre-recorded track. This resulted in 3 minutes of hilarity, a great FU to Beeb.
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Date 11/26/15 09:35 AM

10 Photos Of “Crying Man”: Famous Men Crying [Pics]

Crying Men is a series of portraits of famous film actors by Taylor-Wood. She had these actors to perform and cry for the camera and demands the actor’s investment in the process.
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Date 11/26/15 09:20 AM

Behind-The-Scenes Pics Of Shaun Of The Dead, 2004 [7 Pics]

Still makes almost everyone's Top 10 of All Time Great Movies list!
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Date 11/26/15 09:02 AM

Why Doesn’t Anyone Know What Christmas Is All About? [Pic]

Posting this now, mostly because of Black Friday which starts in a couple of hours.
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Date 11/26/15 08:40 AM

Former Marine Kicked Off Airplane For Being Too Fat [Video]

They used to just make a person pay for 2 seats, now it seems like they just kick you off.
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Date 11/26/15 08:26 AM

I-A-B Question Of The Day: What’s Trump’s End Game? [Pic]

Don't be afraid to gather information from your Republican family members at the Thanksgiving dinner table in order to form your theory.
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Date 11/26/15 08:09 AM

Donald Trump Mocks Disabled Reporter At Rally [Video]

Trump is under fire again, this time for mocking a New York Times reporter that suffers from a chronic condition.
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Date 11/26/15 07:49 AM