The Brutal Tattoo Ritual Built On Pain

Submitted by: fancylad 10 months ago in Lifestyle Weird

Tattoos hurt, but for most people, the pain is just a means to an end. Tattoo artists are usually mindful of their client's pain threshold, catering for breaks and mitigating any unnecessary brutality. It's abnormal for tattoo artists to restrain people while they're getting tattooed, or for the tattooee to bolt upright in agony to escape the needle's unrelenting penetrations. Nor is it very common to see sadistic mirth occupying the faces of multiple tattoo artists as they inflict the unnaturally long, thick, shallow lines seemingly without pause.

Enter Brutal Black. It's the tattoo project where mandalas come to die and where pain is prioritized over aesthetics. Ritual and rebirth are at the forefront of this project helmed by Valerio Cancellier and Cammy Stewart. They take those brave enough to be tattooed by them on one of the most brutal experiences one can imagine; far beyond one's threshold for pain to create an entirely new experience.

Don't even both watching this if you can't get past watching someone go through incredible levels of pain.

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woah, another fowking idiot
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many are caught in the snares of the enemy
Male 6,980
This strikes me as some kind of fetish shit.

At what point do you question the mental stability of these folks?

You wanna push yourself?  Ironman competitions exist, no need to permanently scar yourself.
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daegog I think this actually shows they have incredible mental strength. To be able to push yourself through something like that for so long while your mind and body are screaming to stop.

I understand that the means by which this is done can seem brutal, or disgusting to some people. But if you look at it in a way that goes past the actually tattoo, it's impressive. 

Most people can't even stop themselves from eating just one more potato chip.