How Do You Beat Twitter Trolls?

Submitted by: normalfreak2 9 months ago in News & Politics

Let's take a page out of Sarah Silverman's book...

An excerpt from Uproxx: Consider the 47-year-old comedian’s recent exchange with a Twitter user named Jeremy, who called Silverman the c-word when she said she was “open” to understanding Donald Trump’s supporters. Instead of immediately muting or blocking the would-be troll to prevent further abuse, Silverman instead skimmed through the San Antonio, Texas resident’s Twitter feed and responded with a kind message of acceptance. “I believe in you,” she wrote while acknowledging his previous, unrelated messages about back pain and drug use. “I know this feeling… I see it in you.”

What followed was a beautiful exchange that, along with everything else good that happened this past year, just might help salvage what’s left of 2017 from the garbage fires.

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Female 1,697
I like when people surprise me.
Male 9,474
Kill em with kindness but also don't bring a knife to a gun fight.  Just be better people then Conservatives.  Actions speak louder than words.
Female 8,472
Lovely- well done that woman.