"The Best Gravediggers In The World:" A Short Documentary About Competitive Gravedigging

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Well made, funny, interesting, and a unique look into the psyche of a gravedigger. Great stuff here.

From the producers: In the industrial town of Trenčín, Slovakia, a small family-run funeral home has taken their grave-digging contest international. Here, teams of gravediggers from throughout Europe descend with shovels and hoes to see who can create the best eternal resting places, in the least amount of time.

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I had an idea for a law.  Unless you specifically state otherwise, upon death, your body will be stripped for useable organs then donated to a university or hospital for study and the advancement of science.

There is no point in putting all these people in the ground when a person's remains can be of service to mankind one last time.

I tell my family constantly, do not bury me, give the body away, save tons of money too.
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My family's been digging graves for 3 generations and people do look weird at you when you say I dig graves for a living. We charge $450-$650 a grave and do 2-8 open/closings a day so it doesn't bother me one bit. Its a trade that makes good money and is never slow so a lot people are just dying to get in it.
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the 2 brothers, Mortimer and Lazlo, are professional grave diggers are also experts at rigging sailing ships on the side.  Natives agree that although Lazlo is a mighty fine ship builder.. he's not the rigger Mort is.  I'll go now...