[Photos] Good News! Bubonic Plague Outbreak In Madagascar!

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Madagascar today.

Madagascar is one of those places where the Bubonic Plague still lives. there's several 'hotspots' around the world, including California...

But this outbreak isn't typical. For one it is in the big cities, not isolated rural areas. And two it has changed into the Pneumonic version, which is airborne.

Madagascans help the plague spread with some of their burial rituals, like 'dancing with the dead'. This lets the fleas which actually carry the Plague spread to living hosts.

And anyone who knows the game Pandemic remembers that Madagascar is usually the last place to fall. If your virus starts there you have a good chance to win! And destroy humanity.
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I was cheering for Ebola-chan to wipe us out, but the virus research facility in my city helped make a vaccine for it :/

Hopefully Plague-chan will do better! (that's her with the black hat, with a rose)

It is really freaky that these things are still roaming around out there, but that's how nature works eh? BTW various international groups are already there in Madagascar to fight this, lessons from Ebola well learned!
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Pandemic is an excellent game btw, if anyone ever has the chance to play it, i highly suggest it.