Florida Man Fights Home Eviction Over "Emotional Support Squirrel"

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Ryan Boylan, 40, of Clearwater, Florida, has been served with an eviction notice over his emotional support squirrel, Brutus. Boylan says he needs Brutus to deal with anxiety from a long ago car accident but Island Walk Condominiums says the squirrel needs to vacate the premises because she is putting other residents at risk.

"There's absolutely no way I would give her up. I'm not sure how an animal that weighs less than two pounds can harm anybody,” he told WFTS-TV.

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Get a puppy or kitten if you're that emotionally needy, bud.  Quit trying to abuse the ADA.
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I'm actually leaning toward DM's view on this one. I'm not sure every hooman who has an animal in his or her life is entitled to declare that animal medically necessary. The story says the man has a doctor's note. If it's a note from a general practitioner, I'm not impressed. In a case such as this, the note needs to have come from either a psychiatrist or psychologist, along with a diagnosis.

Regardless, the plain truth of the matter is this: If you move into a community with a Homeowner's Association, you're agreeing to play by their rules. Had he shown the HOA a note from a psychologist and told them about the squirrel when he applied to live there, and they accepted him, that would be one thing. But you can't really spring an HOA violation on them after the fact and then argue that it's unfair.
This guy should get kicked out. He's violating the rules even though he doesn't feel they should apply to them. There's no such thing as a comfort animal. (In my state). I'm tired of these bitches whining that they have PTSD and that somehow get some license for anything. 
I never heard of anybody with PTSD from a car accident unless there was multiple deaths involved.