Penn & Teller Get Fooled Again

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More from Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Javi Benitez, from Spain, mystifies Penn and Teller with an astounding performance.  I've become addicted to this show.

Much love for Vegas  ♥
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Compared to the last guy, this guy was much better.

I suspected some type of color changing card, then he revealed that he was using thermo sensitive cards by the 3rd card reveal, but i think he was definitely moving different types of cards around with that bracelet he was using.  On a number of occasions it came up to his vest, and i saw him moving the cards in at points from his palm/where the bracelet is.  A few times after something he put that bracelet on the table, where i think the card (or card set, 4 cards are easy to hide) was let go of.

When he took the 4 colored back cards and flipped them to show the queen, he then banged his hand on the table, letting them go, the deck in his hand was a new deck of 4.  These likely had thermal backs that had aces on them and on the other side at least one was a queen, maybe the >eye< logo card.

I don't know how many he used, but i wouldn't be surprised if there were up to 16 cards in to play (4 sets of 4)

All in all it was very good, and he was very skilled at moving the cards and his facial expressions like he was a kid who found some amazing thing, played into it very well.  
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monkwarrior I thought thermochromatic ink as well! Then after the first change... uhhhh... yep... no idea after that!
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Were is Marshall? Again drunk with Barney, gambling on that weird chinese game?!
No Joke, I had the desert song going before I hit play.