Elon Musk Predicts What Will Start World War III

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The Good News: We don't have to worry about Russia or North Korea. The Bad News... is bad.

A race toward "superiority" between countries over artificial intelligence will be the most likely cause of World War III, warns entrepreneur Elon Musk.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been outspoken about his fears of AI, urging countries to consider regulations now before the technology becomes more widely used.

The comments were sparked by comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said the country leading the way in AI "will become ruler of the world," reports RT.

"It begins," said Musk in an earlier tweet ahead of his warning about the potential risks. 

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This is what happens when you mix adderall and Terminator marathons.  
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just2talk lol. dangerous mix
So this fucking idiot. Things that the Killer Robots are going to wipe out Humanity.
And yet he is lobbying to put guns in the hands of robots. He wants to manufacture until Killer Robots.

It's time for everyone to stop listening to him
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More likely an accident.

NK will fire a missile that will accidentally go the wrong way or explode at the wrong time, then we will see all hell break lose.


The food/medicine situation could get so grim in NK, they decide to launch a war knowing they will suffer massive civilian losses to decrease their population.

If 25% of the population dies, that's a lot less mouths to feed.  It's a tad psychotic but it does trim the fat in a rather quick manner.
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daegog  "More likely an accident."   So much this.

Consider the walmart shopper drawing a gun post previously.  Everyone recognizes that drawing a loaded weapon in an attempt to defuse a tense situation increases the risk to all involved even though it may lead to a suspension of hostilities.  What if that handgun went off accidentally ?  Maybe 9 times out of 10 drawing the weapon works.  What happens that 10th time?  Was the outcome worth the risk ?

I can so easily see a confrontation between nations (south pacific islands, Korean penninsula, Ukraine, North pole seabed) where a minnor incident brings high tensions to a fever-pitch and then there is an accident.  A missile misfires, a finger slips on a button, a draft e-mail gets sent, an order is misheard or misunderstood.  Suddenly, shit gets loose.

Yes, AI could be that accident that is released. An error in code in a piece of software limiting the AI's reach, draft code never meant to see active use, is mistakenly compiled and launched, a research project stolen but not understood.

I strongly suspect that "mature" states with the requisite checks and balances against reactionary actions might avoid the worst.  However, countries with leaders with near absolute control might not hold back, if the leader slips in his (or hers) control in an emotional moment.

With weapon tech levels increasing around the world and populous leaders with isolationist agendas appearing in more and more countries, the risk to all is increasing.

As economic stratification continues, a tipping point will be reached.  What remains to be seen is whether the world pulls itself apart in a fast conflagration of destruction or by an ever expanding circle of revolution/rebellion/anarchy.

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What makes him think WWIII hasn't already started?  Aren't most countries battling muslim terrorists on every continent?  Sounds like a world wide war to me
Gerry1of1 Most countries are fighting Terrorists of some form or another. Doesn't mean they are all Muslim.
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Gerry1of1 The world, as a whole, is probably at its most peaceful that its ever been.

The War on terror is a whole bunch of bullshit designed to let the military industrial complex make a shit ton of money.
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I wouldn't take my eyes off North Korea or Russia just yet, Musky.