Shin Lim On "Penn and Teller's Fool Us," A Mind-Blowing Performance

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If you haven't seen Penn and Teller's Fool Us, it a pretty entertaining show.  If the magician can fool Penn and Teller, they get to open for them at their Vegas show.  Shin Lim's performance is one of the best fools of the series and a down right amazing presentation of slight of hand skill.

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My notes:
  1.  marker disappeared into shirt/vest
  2.  smokey card: So when he took the signed card, he did a little quick handed thing and made it look like he laid the card, yet he pulled a card from the deck that was white.  At this point i think he bent the signed card.  The switched card (that was white) got put on a black table, which could have emitted some type of vape smoke with a foot/table button.  While the deck was in his mouth he somehow took the bent card in his mouth and bent it again (folded 2 times now), you can see when he took it out of his mouth it was folded 2 times.  At this point i think he has some type of small vaper inside his mouth.  I also think its possible the girl who signed the card initially was possibly an assistant, as she was showing the audience her card without being instructed, also she doesn't kno.
  3. Appearing pen, had gone down some type of pipe, to his right side near the pocket.  Notice he turns sideways to take it out to hide that move from the camera, it's just a matter of quickly flipping it out from his palm on the quick upswing.
  4. As the 2nd girl shows the card to the audience, you can see him taking a card off the bottom of the deck
  5. second disappearing pen: fliped the pen behind his hand, brought it down to his pocket again.
  6. when he shuffled the deck with the second signature, it was a fake shuffle, and the card remained on top
  7. ok when the whole deck disappeared that was good, i watched that a few times, and i know for sure he was still holding it in the hand that was showing the signed card, because when he took out the other half of the deck, he transferred a ton of cards to the other hand (that was holding the newly picked up 1/2 deck) the dead giveaway is how awkward his hand is, it's back quite a ways as if concealing omething
  8. after he transferred to the other hand, he also transferred the signed card, and he picked out another card.  THis was a really fake card, an acordian card, that when you let go of, it expands to look like a deck.  You can see this happening as he lets go of his finger on it after he blows on it.
  9. meanwhile the deck in his other hand is hidden out of view and made to appear as if he's only holding the signed card.
  10. he got me on the one where he transferred the card to his pocket.  Im thinking he may have hid it out of view up to the pocket or that both ladies are assistants.
  11. card behind the back.  He simply hid it in his hand, brought it close to his vest, and im thinking he hooked it up to a contraption that pulled it through his vest, around his side, and came out the back (fishing wire or something).
  12. showing the card again above his shoulder, now i think he didn't pull it through his vest, and both ladies are his assistants.
  13. they disappear, he brings it down to the black cloths and slips it in a pocket?
  14. card comes out of his mouth was entered into his mouth at 5:10 when he was turned away from the camera (showing the card bheind the back).  At this point i'm sure he had 2-3 copies of the same signature, and that at least one of them is for sure his assistant.
  15. the card in the bag was flipped, showing the other side of the card.  Good one, so i went back to watch him put it together, from the card that came out of his mouth at 2:30'sh.  So he had the signed card by the 2nd girl at that point.
  16. he then flipped the bag back to show the 1st girl, and took out the 2nd girls signature from his mouth (that was there the whole time) to show her.
  17. the bag had a secret exit pouch. He put the cards behind the bag, not in it. He scrunched it up ejected the cards, hid by his hand. and quickly moved down to the table.
  18. deck disintegration, simply started the vape smoke, bent the deck a few times in the box, and then quickly flicked it off the table, and did some funny finger stuff to make it look magical.

My conclusion:
Ultimately  i feel that both ladies were assistances, and at the VERY LEAST: the lady on the left was an assistant with multiple signatures of the same card.  It's possible that the first lady was a regular person, but the 2nd one was for sure an assistant with multiple signatures. Also, it doesn't really fool me.
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Magic is just misunderstood science 
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I love watching Fool Us.  Shin Lim is so incredible--his performances are art as much as they are magic.
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The man has actual anime hair.  I love how penn and teller use this show to give aspiring young magicians who are working hard and are clearly dedicated a good bump in their audience size.  Afternoon magic shows in vegas are one of my true points of happiness.
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I know I mentioned this recently, and I think it was on here.

Props for sharing it. It's an amazing performance.