Perfect Day: Laurie Anderson Live In Copenhagen, Sept 2017

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Laurie Anderson is a genius. Her codex speaks for itself. Her records and books are joys to be shared. Lou Reed was also a genius, and when I read that the two of them had gotten together? I was a very happy day! They joked that they'd never get married until they gay friends could also do so. The California allowed gay marriage and... they did! :-)

So here is Laurie performing the original version of one of Lou's iconic songs as only she can do, enjoy! You IAB Animals do not deserve posts as good as this.
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Minus 3 for a score, *sigh*
Anyhow, I try to not let the haters get me down! Please enjoy some lovely tunes by one of America's most talented artists!
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I like Lou Reed, I like Laurie Anderson - But OMFG. After nearly 2 1/2 minutes of yaddayaddayammer, Did anyone but me think that at 2:25 she was going to say, "Anyway, here's Wonderwall'?