Conan Hits The Streets And Beaches Of Tel Aviv

Submitted by: rumham 2 months ago in Funny

I love these "Conan Abroad" trips the show does. Conan in Tel Aviv is great, but his German visit is legendary. Watch it below...

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when i submitted this i knew if it got posted someone was gonna hijack the intention of it just being a goofy video and replacing it with their schtick to start another same old same old argument that goes on here everyday. Congrats 5cats you win the Internet Derp award. here's hoping you lighten up a bit, life isn't about being outraged all the time
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Why didn't he visit Gaza? That's a serious question because Gaza has a large tourism industry, eh?
(possibly because he'd be beaten and arrested for drinking alcohol with half-naked women in public, but that's another issue entirely)