Ohio Judge Shot In An Ambush By The Father Of A Teen Convicted In The Steubenville Rape Case

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The Washington Post reports that the father of the infamous Steubenville, Ohio rapist tried to kill a judge there on Monday. The shooter, Nathaniel Richmond fired at Judge Joseph Bruzzese outside the Jefferson County Courthouse two weeks after Richmond’s son Ma’lik was denied one year of football eligibility by Youngstown State University because of his high-school rape conviction in 2013. Richmond fired at least five shots at Bruzzese, who was wounded but managed to return fire. A probation officer shot and killed Richmond.

Here is the kicker, this case would have been covered up what's now refered to as the Steubenville High School Rape Case if it wasn't for Anonymous. The broke the case by hacking the school and exposing emails of said cover-up between school officials, football coaches, players, and local authorities. According to this Rolling Stone expose, Anonymous basically handed the Judge the evidence he needed to convict the rapist. 

Cover-up of rape...all in the name of football. Sound familiar?
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Good ending to bad rubbish.
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Good for the judge and  probation officer.
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So the son was a rapist and his father was killed trying to murder the judge... Sounds like a great genetic line going there, quality human stock. Ever consider thinning the herd?
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I went to High School with a fella, his original graduation class was 1987. My graduation class was 1991.  When i graduated, dude was like 22 or 23 STILL in HS.

He failed for years, but he was 6'11 and pretty damn good at basketball, they kept him in school so they could keep chasing a state championship.  Never won tho.

We thought we had a chance in 1990-91, then Jalen Rose showed up and shit all over our team by himself.  Old Larry never did graduate.

TLDR: High School sports are big business and many will do anything to keep athletes playing, laws are secondary.
For some reason this asshole thought his rapist son would have made it to the NFL and he would be on easy street.  Perhaps if he spent more time keeping his son from raping women he would have at least had a shot at a decent scholarship and he himself would not be dead.

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This is not because of Football. 
This is because a girl was repeatedly raped.
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Gerry1of1 The cover-up is totally about Football, Anonymous intervened because of the rape.  The Judge jailed them for both...

Trust me...I'm from Sandusky country...they will do anything to cover for Football...
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kalron27 They'll do the same in a lot of Texas as well, or at least they did while I was in school.  I'm certain they still do in some of the small towns.  
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I knew a guy in high school in New Orleans who was illiterate but the administration kept passing him, despite him consistently failing most of his classes, because he could play.  His senior year he told them he wouldn't play so they expelled him.  No other schools would accept him so he ended up not graduating.