Jamali Maddix Travels The States And Has An Interesting Outsiders POV On Race Relations

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Thanks to layla_wilson for suggesting this series. I'm just sharing with everyone else.

The series is called "Hate Thy Neighbor" featuring British comedian Jamali Maddix. The series follows Maddix on a tour to meet controversial groups across America.

Here's his first first episode, Far White:

And this is its counterpart episode, Hunting the White Devil:

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Thanks for this.  Meant to look it up after layla mentioned it as well.  Made sure i did not forget.

Only watched the first one so far.  Best thing I took from it was at the end, the pastors view and what the guy said at the end.  Its all basically true.  These people have had a hard life and need someone/something to blame.  They read books saying its all the jews fault and end up in an echo chamber.  Could have happened to any of us under different circumstances.  If you dont have good role models who teach you valuable life lessons like, sometimes bad shit happens for no reason or sometimes you brought it on yourself and they are just taught to blame others their whole life, well...perfect examples of what can happen.
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The no teeth woman says "There should be another genocide [of the jews]"
Then there were crickets lol..

I found it extremely hard to watch, primarily because of the hate they were infusing in their children.  Those kids are the definition of fucked from birth.
daegog I feel horrible for the kids. If that was in the UK, the kids would be taken into care. Not a nice place to be, but a hell of alot better than living with meth-head Nazi parents...