45 Oddest Quotes From Donald Trump's Secretive Wall Street Journal Interview

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As you may or may not know, Politico leaked the full transcript of a Wall Street Journal interview with Trump. The publication wrote three articles from it's 45-minute interview with Trump, but they never released the interview's transcript, which is commonplace now. CNN pulled the 45 best quotes from the interview...

1. "But once you get that motion, it's in pretty good shape, once you get in. It's hard to get in, but once you get in."
Trump is talking here about the motion to proceed on the health care legislation, in case you were wondering.

2. "John McCain was a great help, coming in as he did. And so it was something I very much appreciate, and we'll see what happens."
This interview was conducted on Thursday afternoon. By early Friday morning, the Senate had failed to pass the measure with McCain casting the decisive "no" vote.

3. "Many conversations. I just had one with a certain senator that was very convincing to that senator. So I've done a lot."
Hmmm. You would assume this had to do with health care given the timing of the interview. And, if so, was Trump really "very convincing" given that the vote failed hours later?

4. "And I — you know, I think I — you know, look, just don't quote me on this unless it happens, but I think we have a pretty good shot."
They did quote you. And the vote failed.

5. "If it's repeal and replace, which one do you want to go? Which form of existing conditions? I mean, there's many things."
Here's the truth: Trump isn't a details guy. Never has been. He comes in at the end and uses the power of his #brand and personality to close deals. In this quote he makes clear he knows very, very little about the specific policies being debated in the health care fight. "Which form of existing conditions" is not a phrase anyone who knows the law and the proposed changes says.

6. "It was nice to see you out in Southampton a couple weeks ago."
OK, I'm cheating a little bit here since this quote is from Wall Street Journal executive editor Gerard Baker. But what a quote! He's talking to Ivanka Trump who stopped by the interview. And who says media tycoons don't live like regular people!

7. "He's a good — he's a good boy."
According to Politico, Trump is talking about Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, here. And, apparently Jared is a good boy.

8. "If you remember, it was — you know, it was an idea that I had very early on, repeal."
Trump appears to be taking credit here for calling for the repeal of an Obamacare, an idea that has been kicking around in Republican circles for almost as long as the Affordable Care Act has existed.

9. "It's a very difficult -- it's a very difficult thing, always has been."
"On my first day in office, I am going to ask Congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace, I just said it, Obamacare." -- Donald Trump, September 2016.

10. "I honestly believe for six months I have done more than just about any president when you look at all of the bills that were passed, 42, 43."
This is a common trope for Trump -- he's signed lots of bill and is, therefore, incredibly productive. But, not all bills are the same -- or even close to the same. Read this from PolitFact on that.

11. "Look, I had 45,000 people there yesterday. It's the biggest crowd they've ever had, and they were — they were going wild yesterday in West Virginia."
In response to a question about what he is most proud about in his first six months in office, Trump cites his speech at the Boy Scouts annual Jamboree.

12. "And, you know, it is — it would have been easier to start with taxes, but this is better if it works, OK? If it works, this is better."
So ...Trump thinks, in hindsight, he should have started with tax reform rather than health care? Or no? Yes?

13. "And then I'm going to do a very big — we're doing very big trade deals, and we're looking forward to that."
Things to look forward to: "Very big trade deals." So, we got that going for us, which is nice.

14. "She lost easily, you know, 306 to 223 I think, right -- 223, something like that."
This was a question about whether Democrats have any incentive to work with Trump. Also, he won 304 electoral votes.

15. "So you have the governor of Ohio not supporting you and you win by almost 10 points, which is pretty good because Ohio's not — if you remember, you guys were always saying you have to win Ohio, right?"
The 2016 election ended 259 days before this interview was conducted.

16. "Biggest crowd they've ever had. What did you think?"
This quotes proves two things. First, Trump is obsessed with crowd size and it always being the biggest and best. Second, he cares deeply what reporters and their editors think of him.

17. "I'd be the first to admit mixed. I'm a guy that will tell you mixed. There was no mix there. That was a standing ovation from the time I walked out to the time I left, and for five minutes after I had already gone. There was no mix."
NO MIX. Trump is insistent that the Boy Scouts crowd loved him. Every second of his speech. One long standing ovation. NO MIX.

18. "I got a call from the head of the Boy Scouts saying it was the greatest speech that was ever made to them, and they were very thankful."
It's not actually clear that the call Trump references here actually, you know, happened.

19. "I call him Mr. Elegant. I mean, that was a great debate. We did such a great job."
Who is Mr. Elegant? Lester Holt, who moderated the first general election debate? Or Maybe CNN's own Anderson Cooper, who moderated the second one? Oh, yeah, Trump is answering a question about his tax policy here. But, he wants you to know he did a great job in that debate.

20. "So I deal with foreign countries, and despite what you may read, I have unbelievable relationships with all of the foreign leaders. They like me. I like them. You know, it's amazing."

Read 21 - 45 at CNN here...
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# 8 - He could be referencing the idea of just a straight repeal of ACA without a replacement.  I seem to remember him suggesting that, and Tippy the Turtle promptly took it up in the Senate, and it failed.  

#18 - Read an article today about how that call never did happen, and the white house admitted that fact.  They tried to spin it as a person-to-person discussion instead.

In all fairness, some of this stuff seems taken out of context, and we're guessing at some of what he meant.  It's easy to take a quote out of context and make the speaker look foolish.  Faux News and other conservative media outlets do this all the time.  I'd prefer it if the left-leaning folks, and Main Stream Media rise above that nonsense and give the full story.  The guy is clearly unfit to lead a nation effectively.  I think that eventually he'll prove this to even his staunchest supporters.  Wow!  Look at me being all optimistic and stuff!  It almost feels like I have faith in the American voter.
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This guy is an idiot with idiot followers.  Look at the left side of the bell curve of iq, you'll find the bottom 20% which Venn diagram intersects with Trump and his supporters.
Male 276
Calling any interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal secretive is at least dishonest, if not intentionally misleading. 
I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm personally tired of all the winning we've been doing as a nation since Mr. Trump became our President. 

Slow down sir. Let some of those other loser nations across the globe get some wins in before they all annihilate themselves due to depression from losing to us so much.

Keep up the good work sir.
Male 17,080
Regardless of whether he is the people's numpty, he is still a numpty.
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Draculya are you scottish?
Male 5,369
every american is beaming with pride at our Tweet in Chief
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Here's the full transcript of the interview. Find the context to your favorite quotes!