How To Make An Ötzi The Iceman Flint Dagger

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Ötzi the Iceman's frozen body was preserved for 5,000 years. Shawn Woods shows how to make a faithful reproduction of the knife he carried.
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Dunno how long this guy has been working on stuff like this but knapping flint is really NOT that easy lol.

Nice video, thank you for sharing.
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daegog I'm so glad you liked it, Daegog. I loved the video. It was like a small window into our ancient past. The guy who made this video is quite the expert in working with prehistoric tools. In similar videos, he also recreates Ötzi's copper-headed axe and bow and arrows.

Here's a bonus fact I just learned: The period before the Bronze Age was the Copper Age, or the Chalcolithic (Greek for copper + stone) Age. That's the period that Ötzi was from. In that era, copper was used for the most important items, such as axe heads, while flint was still used for more more mundane items, such as the knife shown in this video. According to Shawn Woods, the most treasured item Ötzi owned was almost certainly his axe because of its copper head.