Captain Ska's Protest Song About Theresa May Is Climbing The Charts, But The BBC Won't Listen

Submitted by: layla_wilson 1 year ago in Entertainment News & Politics

Captain Ska, a ska-reggae band from London, has a big single on their hand -- "Liar, Liar." Currently #4 in the UK charts, and #1 on iTunes UK, but the BBC won't acknowledge the song's popularity.

Why? Because it's a protest song about the conservative Prime Minister Theresa May whose approval rating are sinking as Tory lead shrinks to 6 points.

The already crumbling Theresa May is surely done for. Someone in the US needs to take note and get a Anti-Trump protest song into the US charts -- it's hard to believe there isn't a big anti-Trump protest song already.

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Male 611
What a shit song
Male 44,336
Stop expecting the gov'ment to give you everything, get off your ass and work.
Male 12,173
call it "death to the presidency"