Gary Numan And Nine Inch Nails Live: Metal & Cars

Submitted by: 5cats 8 months ago in Entertainment

Who knew such wonderfulness existed? I have the 45 of these two songs: Metal is the 'B Side' but is every bit as good as Cars.

"I'm still confusing love with need..."

And the originals to put the live versions in perspective...

BONUS: Head Like A Hole: NIN Best song ever!

And an unrelated bonus cideo: The Cure: Fascination Street

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Nice rendition of cars, works well with the heavier sound. Great stuff!
Male 42,560
Didn't even know Gary was still alive, but he continues to both breathe and perform:

You're in luck Fancy! He moved to California a few years back. :-)
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5cats more right wing blog bullshit.... wait. Nevermind. This is fucking great. ;-)

NIN has been my favorite band since I was 12. My black cat is named Reznor.

Nice find.
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Numan still has it in that live set -- still relevant. I'd love to see him live, but he seems to like to stay in England.