How In The Hell Did Everyone Survive This Head-On Collision?

Submitted by: fancylad 11 months ago in News & Politics

This accident happened over the weekend in California -- sliced one of cars in a near-perfect half and this hear is my number one fear when I go on long road trips. Long lanes that twist in and out of large hills and mountains with hills -- someone's not going to be paying 100% attention and it doesn't take much error to merge into the oncoming lane.

In this particular accident, Kevin Fenty, 27, of Huntington Beach driving the blazer merged into the oncoming lane -- he was ejected from his blazer and found on the road while the woman he hit, Apol Lansang, 26, of Sonoma, was still sitting in the left half of her Chevy Malibu. Both lived.

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Male 2,127
I take offence to this being called an "accident". This was no accident; someone fucked up, plain and simple.
Male 181
...there is no way this is a head-on crash as the title suggests
Male 1,483
Asian drivers...amiright?