Honoring the Dead: Adam Yauch...AKA MCA

Submitted by: kalron 1 year ago in Entertainment

One of my favorite sayings is that there are 3 deaths...

1) When you physically die.
2) When you are returned to the elements (burial or cremation).
3) When your name is last spoken on this Earth.

So to keep his name spoken, here is another post on the day of his passing.  Adam Yauch, AKA MCA of the Beastie Boys...I'm still listening to you!

Here is the amazing 30 min video for "Make Some Noise... Fight for Your Right (Revisited)" that was directed by Mr. Yauch and got a standing ovation at Cannes upon it's release. See how many cameos you can pull out, including the Boyz themselves.

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Male 3,755
First death - When one isborn
Second death - Loss of innocence
Third death - Accepting the world as it is
Male 21,403
My favorite of the three -- he's still missed.