This Edition Of "People Are Awesome" Is Actually Pretty Damn Awesome

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You'd think this clip would inspire one to get off the couch this fine Sunday and put down the bong, but no...
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So this is what I learned:

Kite surfing, where everything is tethered to you is not awesome - You have just basically become a bit of the string that is tying everything together. If you can lift your own weight, you can do this. You just wish you could be like the guys at 3.38 and - specifically the bloke at 3.44, mad angle!

Guy with red balls at the 2.00 mark. MAGNETS! Seriously looked cool, would like to know how that was done.  

Belting down a hill on a mountain bike (or skis), dodging rocks and trees and not falling off - Awesome.

Setting up a track so that you can jump off shit on a unicycle - BULLSHIT. Stop stroking your own ego, no one else would give your shit track a second thought. But good on you, you have some balance. So do I, hence why I can walk.

Guy at 1.08 mark - MAD balance skills, even if it is a dance routine.

Frog bloke at 3.03 - also MAD skill and balance.

Belting ping pong balls at shit - NOT AWESOME. Its just belting ping pong balls at shit!

Random kid smacking a ball into a hoop with a baseball bat - fuck off and stop stroking your own ego. You know why..

And finally - JUGGLING IS NOT AWESOME! Fuck Off!
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stifler Kite surfing, you don't need to be able to lift yourself, the center string can lift you on it's own.  The impressive part is keeping control of the kite while you are spinning wildly, so you down dive face first into the ground.

Red balls are held up by strings.
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Weight lifting through sunroof is really funny :)