RIP Darkness: Charlie Murphy, Dead At 57 -- We Lost An Awesome Comedian

Submitted by: melcervini 1 year ago in News & Politics

According to a breaking article from TMZ, Charlie Murphy died today after fighting leukemia for a while. Charlie was undergoing chemo treatment in a NYC hospital, and family members and close friends are shocked because he was actually getting better.

Charlie was one of the of the greatest storytellers of all time -- here are a couple of his greatest bits...

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Holy shit... I haven't been here in awhile... What nightmare format is THIS???
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Oh man, that's super sad. I echo kalron27. Thanks for linking these great episodes! I'll watch them tonight.
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I saw this RIP you funny funny man!  Thanks for the direct links to the 2 episodes I was going to look up tonight.  Sad because all of them have passed :(