Google Conducted A Survey To Inform You What 'Generation Z' Likes As They Are Your Future

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Google flexed their muscle and put together this fancy infographic about Generation Z and what they like and how their likes differ from yesterday's news -- the millennials (18 - 24). That was a short ride for the millennials, wasn't it? Big brands like Google have already put millennials in their rearview mirror and they're going after Gen Z.

Take a look at the PDF here. None of the information will shock you if you're mildly aware of your surroundings. Watching TV, reading magazines, and just looking up from your phone occasionally will tell you everything this inforgraphic says: Gen Z fucking loves YouTube, Netflix, Google and Chrome (I say bullshit -- I live with two Gen Zers and they don't give a fuck about browsers, but remember who conducted this survey), Vans, Xbox, and Starbucks. Again, this is common knowledge to anyone who spends time with them.

So with this, we say au revoir, Millennials -- it was an interesting ride for sure, and with that, we welcome our Generation Z overlords. All hail Gen Z!
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bright pastels and basic colors, large triangular and repeating shapes, 'hand drawn' (photoshop edge filtered) pictures of kids, random purple and green designs on the borders.
The 80s are back! 

Please don't copy the clothing and hairstyles, I'm begging you Gen Z!
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Generation Z needs to learn that Hondas, generally speaking, are designed to a higher standard than Toyotas. For example, the Honda Civic drives like a hybrid between a consumer vehicle and a race car (nimble, peppy, and fun), while the Toyota Corolla drives like an appliance (slow, sloppy, and boring).

I'm making this observation because Generation Z is ranking Toyotas higher than Hondas for "coolness." I can only think that's a result of marketing. They're more familiar with the name, so they reflexively rate it higher.
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squrlz4ever lol totally agree i had a 97 honda accord and that thing took a beating but still kicked ass on dusty dirt roads greatest car i ever had