Apparently You Can Review A Continent On Google

Submitted by: fuad119 11 months ago in Funny

So, in a bizarre turn of events, Google has sort of turned into TripAdvisor. How so? Well, you can literally start reviewing whole continents on the search engine now. And as you can imagine, the results are pretty hilarious. A one star review for North America because its name lacks originality? Oh, the internet...  

Since the smartphone hit stores years ago, apps like Google Maps have completely revolutionised the way people travel. As long as you’ve paid your mobile bill, the internet can get you from A to B like nobody’s business. Bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants – you name it, it’s been mapped. But what happens when you say goodbye hyperlocal and hello massive continent? Hilarious reviews of whole continents, that’s what. And yes, that means you can literally review the 17.2 million squares miles of Asia, even if you’ve never been. Dangereux.

Click on the continent for their review: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania
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