The Fappening, Part 2 Continues As Rose McGowan Get Hacked, But She's Hitting Back First

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Apparently, we're still seeing the fallout of what the internet is calling The Fappening Part 2 of 2016. We saw some recent residual damage done to Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried last week when hackers dumped nude photos of both of them to different parts of the internet. 

And today, we find out that Rose McGowan has been hacked and the hackers got their hands on her nude pics and sex video. The twist with McGowan's situation is that her pics and video hasn't leaked yet, we only know she's been hacked because she just tweeted a warning to the guy or guys who stole her noods...

She's a Tarantino girl so I'd be worried if I were the hackers.
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I don't understand why anyone wants to see this dried up Plastic Surgery disasters old dusty cooch. 
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Who She?
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Is there anything she hasn't already shown to the world?
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If hackers are going to hack could they hack some better looking chicks?