Amy Schumer Drops Out Of That Live-Action Barbie Movie Over "Scheduling Conflicts"

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I called it three months ago when it was announced that Amy Schumer's take on a live-action Barbie movie was "in the works." For whatever reason, this movie would never happen, and according to Variety, it's not. Schumer's saying she's pulling out due to "scheduling conflicts" but we all know that's a bullshit excuse.

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When Schumer was a kid, she told everyone that she wanted to be a comedian.
Everybody laughed at her.

No one is laughing now.

And unlike Schumer, I'll actually admit when I steal a joke!
(That one was original though)
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What were they going to do, CGI a barbie body on the fat chick. No way in hell could she play barbie
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I bet Schumer was going to play the fat chick who's trying to kill stick figure Barbie
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Did you even read the article?  The movie actually IS still happening, just without Schumer.  She backed out due to scheduling conflicts.  They want to release the movie, just sooner than Schumer wants because they already have merchandise and product cycles for the movie in motion.  If they are already producing merchandise for this movie, they want to and are doing it.  So your just passing out fake news here, and frankly I'm getting sick of it.

She wants to do the movie, but not until she's done doing the other stuff she has going on, because despite your opinion on her, she's pretty popular and has a lot of stuff going on.

no matter what though, from you own writing
 For whatever reason, this movie would never happen, and according to Variety, it's not. 
But, it is happening.  Why are you lying to us fancy?  Is your hate for Schumer so strong that you just can't understand the facts presented in the article you linked?  Are you just so dumb that you could not comprehend what it said?  Are you intentionally trying to spread fake news?  What's going on here?

Also, Schumer is hot, I would do her in heartbeat and so would my wife.  Would love to have a threesome with her, that would be amazing, wife agrees.  She's also kinda funny.  Not exactly my style of humor most of the time, but that doesn't mean it's not decent work, just not my taste.  I don't like Pepsi either, that doesn't make it a terrible product.  Obviously people the world over love Pepsi.
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Fancy, why did you put that picture up. Now I'll have to visit the restroom and ahem adjust myself before I can go back to work.
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Maybe...just maybe the movie producers did not want a star who is at war with over 50% of the American public?  Way to trash your brand!