Tim Kennedy Is Ready To Take Names And Kick Asses

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Tim Kennedy, a former US Ranger has been warned by the FBI that ISIL wants to kill him. What was his reply? He released a line of t-shirts daring terrorists to come.

No stranger to danger or controversy, when cyber-coward and uber-bully Tim Marchman of Deadspin found himself 'pwnd' by Ted Cruz, rather than admit he'd been bested, he challenged Cruz to an MMA match. Nothing the left loves more than physical violence these days, it seems.

When the Twitterverse unloaded on Marchman, he kindly extended his MMA challenge to all comers: anyone who wanted to defend Cruz, bring it on. This was a mistake. Tim Kennedy, an actual MMA fighter and all-around bad-ass, took the offer.

Also enter wounded warrior J.R. Salzman, who also formally accepted the challenge. A champion log roller and far tougher human being than all 5 of me or any 5 of you IAB slugs put together and Glen Beck offered to fund and promote the match. The Twitter universe is not going to let Marchman off the hook either, demanding he put up or shut up.

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5cats found a bromance good for you. you need to spread your wings and fly
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Things you don't want to get hit by^
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I just love this story! And unlike what passes for facts on the 'liberal left' every word of this is (afaik of course) true.

Tim Marchman is an asshole, and when his attempt to smear or belittle Ted Cruz blew up in his face? Rather than admit that and have a good laugh? He "doubled down" and escalated it to the point of physical violence...

Then doubled down yet again when it was almost universally pointed out that he was being a douchebag about it...

Enter Tim Kennedy and J.R. Salzman :-) Both are bonafied heroes and unbelievably tough humans. Go read those links! I honestly hope Marchman 'doubles down' yet again and faces either of them in The Octagon... Where he will have his sorry ass handed to him, as he richly deserves.