Canadian Humourist, Writer Stuart McLean Dead at 68

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Not a household name for most of the globe, but Stuart McLean was a well known Canadian writer who had a traveling stage show called the Vinyl Cafe, where he would read stories that featured a fictitious family of Dave, Morley and their kids Sam and Stephanie (and Arthur the dog). He passed away today at 68.

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Thanks for the Post, Fancy.

My family had seen him and his travelling show many, many times.  My sons got on stage with him during various audience participation segments, and we all had a blast. 

When the radio show was on, we'd often sit in the driveway to hear the end of the particular story he was telling, if we were out and were listening on our way home.  We have many CD's and his books - its amazing how you can read his stories, and his particular voice and delivery would sound in your head.

He was a bit of a throwback talent - someone who could mesmerize an audience with simple stories of (almost) normal people.  He'd occasionally slip something topical into the stories - but always kept things light, warm, and positive.

His Remembrance Day story - a story of Dave discovering an old postcard from WWI and researching the sender and the history - always stirs the soul.

Sam's grade 8 trip to Quebec City, Dave's fascination with the neighborhood defibrillator, the story The Science Experiment, Stephanie's summer as a tree-planter up north, and Morley's adventures with a crazy book club, an out of control school Christmas pageant, all were funny, and well, real, somehow.

The story Morte D'Arthur that addressed how the family dealt with the passing of their faithful dog was a powerful piece.

I know this isn't IAB's standard fare, but this death hit my household hard. 

Thanks again, Fancyclad, for allowing the post.


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punko The guy seems pretty facinating -- anyone who can tell stories and captivate an audience in this day and age is someone worth championing. He's one of the last of a dying breed of storytellers. 
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punko  They were so young; they still thought life had a purpose; they still believed what they were doing was important.