Happy 43rd Birthday To Average Guy, Jerry O'Connell

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What's the best part of Jerry O'Connell? He's a normal hardworking guy, who got caught a break in his first time up at bat (1986's "Stand By Me"), capitalized on that break, and made a living at acting in tons of supporting roles. Then he married a supermodel.

Think about it -- look back at that cast of "Stand By Me." River Phoenix was already being called the next James Dean. Wil Wheaton? He was the lead and seemed like he was being set up for big roles for life. Corey Feldman was the real actor of the bunch -- he actually made you feel for his abused character. And then you had O'Connell who was basically the husky comic relief. 

Of the four "Stand By Me" leads, O'Connell had the smallest chance of going the distance, but here we are -- 2017 -- and O'Connell is still married to Rebecca Romijn, two cute kids, didn't become a jaded dick, and he's still carving out a healthy acting career with some major league credits. On the other hand, Phoenix died a lying junkie, Wheaton can usually be found at Star Trek conventions, and Feldman is Feldman.

What's my point? I don't know if I have one -- maybe it's that slow and steady wins the race. There are no shortcuts -- you grind out an honest living and reap the rewards.

Anyway, here's O'Connell on the Howard Stern Show a few years ago, describing his most favorite part of his day. (See, he's just like you or me -- or maybe just me.)
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i know howard stern isnt "cool" anymore but he is the best interviewer. ever shit maybe charlie rose. but howard is howard. and stand by me is a great movie/short story by Stephen King.
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I didn't know who he was at first but that did make me laugh. Had no idea that Will Wheaton was in Stand By Me though, must watch it someday.