"Always Sunny In Philadelphia's" Charlie Day Killed It Last Night At A College Basketball Game

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It's a storied tradition at Arizona State University basketball games where students go apeshit behind the basket when a player from an opposing team gets to the free throw line. Actually, that's probably how it is at every college basketball game, but ASU is notorious for their "Curtain of Distraction. 

Last night in a game against Cal State Berkley, "Always Sunny's" Charlie Day donned his Green Man tailgating unitard for the fun. Damn, that looked like a fun, beer-soaked time.

Plenty of more video from last night below with an "Always Sunny" clip for reference...

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Just watched last night EP...Charlie Day is a fantastic person, the entire troop are precious commodities. 
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Always thought Day's Green Man skits were hilarious, especially the episode where the gang is trying out for the Eagles
As a Wildcat who was forced to spend half a year in Tempe I just want to say Fuck Phoenix, Fuck Tempe, Fuck ASU and Fuck the sun devils.  

No I dont want to talk about the Oregon game. (props tho, shit, those 3's....)  

Sorry Fancy, I'm just kinda mad at other non internet reasons right now and I'm taking it out on your post. BEAR DOWN!!!!!