What Are Your New Year Resolutions, I-A-B?

Submitted by: lalapancakes 1 year ago in Lifestyle

Happy New Year, I-A-B. I personally don’t do resolutions because I know if I set up some stupid goal, I’ll subconsciously end up ignoring it. It's inevitable but... if I really had to set an unreasonable goal this year, uh, you know… I think maybe winning the multi-million dollar lotto without putting more than $5 into it all year is a good goal. 

How about you I-A-B? Any New Year resolutions?
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Male 3,147
I'm going to try calling my nephew a c**t a bit less...  gonna be hard though, he's a bit of a c**t.
Male 2,127
In 40 years, there's only one New Years resolution that I've ever kept. About 15 years ago, I resolved to never make another New Years resolution, and I've kept that one!
Female 9,698
I don't have one. I almost always break it anyway, so why bother?