A Handstand Body Flip On Two Fingers? No Big Whoop For This Shaolin Buddhist Monk

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Shaolin Buddhist Monks are well known for their discipline in martial arts, chi control, and meditation skills. Their daily regiment requires six hours of body training starting at 4am, followed by another six hours of buddhist scriptures study. Their martial arts mastery is some of the best in the world as they practice everyday to condition their bodies to take a lot of pain. 

Shaolin Monks believe that any body part can be made to take extreme force by applying that extreme force every day for hours, for years. This is a kick-ass example of a Shaolin Monk doing a handstand and flip over from two index fingers.
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My fingers would break.
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And they do mean /any/ body part.  Check out Iron Testicles if you aren't familiar with the discipline.
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Well, yeah, but can he reach the Pringles can across the room without letting his feet leave his bed?

...I thought not