The Most Meowverlous Dream Home Ever

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Whatever your dream home is - is it really ever complete without and increment of love, empathy, and pets? Architectural lover, developer, and cat rescuer Peter Cohen answers this question by opening his home, turned cat rescue, up to the public to show off his beautifully designed “cat mansion.” Cohen and his partners are kindred spirits, making their stay a home for rescued cats from all parts of California. Whatever Cohen designs for a living, to be able to house 15-cats with elaborate architectural designs means he should just keep doing it. He and his team seem pretty great and the kitty home is awesome for online videos and most importantly, the cats…
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Nice place! Happy kitties and a house full of human servants :-D
Excellent post, top quality! I, too, submit lots of non-politics stuff, I keep reminding everyone...
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I love my two kittahs but they're limited to the $100 kat tree so they can look outside and chatter at the birds and squrlz. Times like this I miss pmarin so in his honor here's a cats=suck for all.
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I'd love to visit but I don't think I can live with that many cats.  Our one rescue is enough.  

Where were the cardboard boxes?
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This is absolutely magical. I love the indoor koi pond and the abundant houseplants. Favoriting this now. Thanks, LaLa!