The Grateful Garment Project Wants To Give Rape Victims Clothes, Not Paper Hospital Gowns

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What a rape victim wears home after undergoing an extensive and invasive rape medical exam isn’t something the general public thinks about, ever. Ultimately, the clothes the victim was raped in get confiscated for forensics and evidence and the victim often leaves the hospital in one of those already indignant, hospital gowns. It’s baffling to think hospitals allow for such a disgraceful outcome for victims of sexual violence but it’s something the Grateful Garment Project is tackling, in creating a donation closet for victims in hospitals. Grateful Garment are raising funds and buying clothes to send victims home with. According to Fusion, “Most of the time a survivor’s clothing won’t be returned, because the lab will need to dissect it for evidence. Sometimes survivors lose an item of clothing with sentimental value, or if the survivor is from a low socioeconomic background, they may lose their only pair of jeans.”

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I must admit it never occurred to me that they wouldn't have clothes to wear home. Makes sense though and I'm glad someone is helping.