Masaya Nakamura, Pac-Man's Creator, Died Last Week At 91

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I think the clip above says it all, doesn't? Masaya Nakamura, the man who created Pac Man in 1980, died on January 21, 2017. I know there was Pong, Space Invaders, and a handful of other arcade video games before it, but Pac-Man broke early gaming barriers.

Pac-Man was the bridge that gapped video games from a quirky hobby into a worldwide phenomenon. Songs, movies, and cartoons have been created around Pac-Man. People's grandparents knew who Pac-Man was. Essentially, Pac-Man and all of its simplicity and minimalist gameplay was Flappy Birds decades before there was a Flappy Birds. 

Thanks for all of the hours of fun and wasted quarters, Nakamura.

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Reminds me of Ready Player One when Parzival gets the highest score in Pac-Man. Games were so hard back then...
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I saw a biography / story of Pac-man piece, I forget which TV show. It was really VERY interesting!
From humble beginnings: 'Why aren't there any video games about food?" he wondered, to a game which stands alone in history as the all-time best. RiP to the man who brought another Japanese gift to humanity! (Catgirls being the other gift to humanity, eh?)
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I'd confidently stated he changed the world.  R.I.P.