Juliane Assange is Finally Back From The Dead

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We've finally arrived at the moment we’ve all been waiting for since Julian Assange's online media vanishing act took place, last October. While in the midst of releasing Hillary Clinton's emails, Ecuador broke down his communiqué, his PGP key for Wikileaks vanished, and any physical evidence of his existence went dark. Wikileaks followers began to panic for his safety and conspiracy theories began to fly. Everyone was worried ol' battle axe Clinton finally droned Assange off the face of the planet but as time would show, he till stands.

In the last week, Assange finally acknowledged his fan’s concerns about being captured and tortured by secret service by reading recent sports scores, doing live interviews, and now, by giving a legitimate Reddit AMA. And what a shit show that AMA was. It went exactly as anyone who hasn't been living under a rock would expect. Right off the bat the top comment asked Assange about r/Wikileaks to which he denied any connection to, proving that whole sub was actually a god damned sham.

The anticlimactic revelation of reddit's forged r/Wikileaks only turned redditors into an amusing frenzy of “You’re a shill, no you’re the shill” accusations...

And somewhere else, the conversation grows into such a conformity people have no other point other than to argue over the semantics of...  the word "semantics," ad nauseam… 

Mercifully, elsewhere in the inanity, other redditors ask a few decent questions of Assange, about how the denial of Russia being the source for the Podesta emails is, more or less, different to Wikileak’s policy on not divulging any source?

And they ask him how he is even able to verify his source at all, if it’s through anonymity wares government agents can’t even decipher. 

For the few questions I covered, Assange does give answers. Some are very blanket and others are more helpful. The overall AMA is extensive. There’s a lot of bickering and conjecture to dig through. Definitely bring some popcorn. As for getting through the whole Q&A, there were 16,000 participants, and most of us who work for a living and don’t have the time to read through all the noise. For a sweeter version, Assange does summarize all the answers and even broadens o some of the topics including the tense Ecudor vs. UK/US standoff over his safety in October, his opinion on Edward Snowden’s situation, and on today’s concern of manipulated news, via twitch. 

Watch live video from  on www.twitch.tv

As a bonus, here’s a redditor who thinks Wikileaks, as an entity, may have left the control of Assange, bringing up some issues Assange seems to ignore in his answers…

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