Israeli Study Shows Settlements Get 5 Times More In Tax Benefits

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An interesting study from Israel shows settlers in the West Bank get five times the tax benefits of those who do not choose to live in border settlements. Calcalist, an Israeli newspaper, published the study’s findings in December. West Bank settlers get both grants and tax benefits and, according to the paper, these financials don’t include additional benefits Israeli West Bank settlers also get for security and education.

According to the study, “the budget L-2017-2018 gives a clear preference for living in the territories and prominent residents of Judea and Samaria would receive tax benefits and grants the highest in 24% of the residents of the Negev, in 19% of Israel's Galilee 5 times average; Bias of previous budgets was also sharpened the year; The figures do not include budgetary pronounced preference given to residents of the area also in education and security”

In other words, the expansion of Israeli settlements is very tax payer expensive business

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They also need bomb shelters and guns, and much more security, to protect themselves from the crazed neighbors across the street. 
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So? They have every right to live in a 'disputed zone' just the same as the Arabs and Christians do if they so choose. And to build appropriate housing too.
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5cats 5cats my new home is yours. cause my god is better than yours