City Data Tools To Help You Yell At Other People Online More

Submitted by: lalapancakes 1 year ago in Misc

Because everyone loves to argue about city data and statistics as a tool for their own political indignation, here’s a little online doodab to help you jam your dogma into some poor shmuck’s eye socket. It's kind of an online publisher’s clearing house for accumulated public records and user submitted data. In the site, data jocks can individually pick at crime rates, voter turnout, property license rates, and even dig through segments of government, infrastructure, and the economy. It's one of the more balanced quantitative and qualitative tools around. You can even compare cities in almost every way you’d like. From crime, air quality, transit, birth rates, you can plug in towns like Rough and Ready, CA vs. Intercourse, PA and get exactly what you deserve.

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