Breaking That Fourth Wall With These Illusions

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Brusspup is just another random youtube channel out there which happens to posts well shot videos featuring optical illusions, tricks, and things having to do with fire! There's easily 60 to 70 videos on the channel all well worth your time. I've pulled a few of my favorite optical illusions to showcase and one smoke trick I’ve actually done, because it's shot in slow motion which is really neat...

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The first, while not an optical illusion, and easily explained, is still pretty cool. First, you have to understand that a solid will not burn. I don't care what you do to it, a piece of paper, for example, will not burn. Period. However, when heated, it evolves a gas, that does happen to be flammable. Look closely at a piece of paper or wood burning, or a candle wick, and you can observe that the flame doesn't actually touch the solid that appears to be burning, but rather seems to "float" just above it. In the candle trick illustrated in the video, the smoke seen just after you blow the candle out is a mixture of very fine partially charred wick particles, and the last bit of flammable gas that was evolved out of the wick. When you "light" the smoke, you are lighting the flammable gas, at which point the flame "follows" the trail of gas, which is being carried up by thermal convection, back down to the wick. If you don't relight it quickly enough, the wick will loose too much heat, and will no longer be hot enough to evolve flammable gas. Another interesting fact, the above statement about smoke is true of any smoke. It is a cloud of extremely fine particles of charred material that got hot enough to produce gas, but wasn't entirely consumed. An "efficiently burning" fire, or one hot enough to char the material quickly enough, will generally not smoke. A smoking fire indicates that it is an incomplete burn, and most likely either doesn't have enough heat being produced to efficiently char the material and produce enough flammable gas, or else it doesn't have sufficient oxygen present to completely burn the gasses being produced.
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Okay okay okay watch this!

You think this is Squrlz writing a comment, right? Okay, just keep concentrating on these words... wait for it... just keep focusing on my words here... and... and... and before you know it... 

wait for it...



Okay so I think my magic may need a little more practice. They were cool videos. 

~defeated, Squrlz exits stage right~
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the last one was the best one