Are You Ready U2's "Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour" In Your Town?

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In honor of "The Joshua Tree's" 30-year anniversary, U2 is coming to a town near you and playing the LP, but is that what you want? After all, these are the guys that tried to force 2014's "Songs of Innocence" into your iPhone? The thirst is strong with this band.

The tour will cover the highlights of "The Joshua Tree" which means they'll probably play the entire LP along with any b-sides and "Rattle and Hum" singles. The shows start on May 12 in Vancouver, U2 and hit a bunch of stadiums and a headline spot at Bonnaroo in June.

Joshua Tree U2 is peak U2 for me. I feel like everything got really bloated and Bono really started buying into his own hype a bit too much. You could he his ego really building in this Joshua Tree documentary. Bono seemed relatively grounded during "The Unforgettable Fire" years, but with the success of Joshua Tree, his Jesus complex bloomed. 
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30 years ago was 2nd year university.  I remember this album getting a lot of play at student pubs.

And having, errr, fun, when "with our without you played"