If You Ever Happen To Be Hand Feeding A Baby Humming Bird...

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A Wisconsin bird rescue put a video online of baby hummers eating that is both adorable, weird, and is a nice reminder of the value in bird rescue. Seriously though, baby hummingbirds eating look like they're getting ready for a Slayer reunion concert.

Tons of respect to anyone who would drop what they’re doing in order to save a bird. I’ve had a lot of weird bird rescues in my past. Once, I had a baby bird fly under my table during my office lunch break, at a restaurant. I ended up sneaking the bird back into my production cubicle in a shoebox with the intention to take it to a reserve, after work. I also had a family of baby ducks approach me as I stood out in front of my very urban apartment in Chicago. I pissed my friends off because I ditched dinner plans to find them a rescue.

It’s good to see places like Wisconsin’s Raptor Education Group doing good work in animal rescue. It’s especially cool to see them sharing their rescue videos. I had no idea baby hummingbirds were so tiny and ate so weird.
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About 4 years ago a baby rubythroated hummingbird was lying on my back patio. It was older than these birds, but still too young to fly. I grabbed the hummingbird feeder we had hanging, and tried to make sure it ate. It did. However, I had to leave the house. Came back, and it had died.