Who Is Marvel's New "Spider-Man: Homecoming" For?

Submitted by: robthelurker 1 year ago in Entertainment

This is an incredibly interesting and confusing "Spider-man: Homecoming" trailer in that it has the look and feel of an expensive Degrassi High-esque "After School Special." This trailer just has that feeling that it's being made for the Young Adult market demo. 

And then, there's a shot of Robert Downey Jr. being Robert Downey Jr., Michael Keaton being a bad ass, and Marisa Tomei being awesome, and I was intrigued.

So who's this movie made for? It looks great, but it seems a bit too "junior" for today's average superhero movie fan. Even Spider-man's costume looks inspired by the original 1977 live action series. We'll see how much the director and editor tweak it before it's July 7, 2017 release.

written by: @fancylad
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Male 8
How many times is spider man going to be remade? Make more Deadpools not more spiderman remakes.
Male 7,869
Looks like part John Hughs and part Jon Favrou.  And that sounds like a great mix to me.
Male 9,071
It has elements for all according to this trailer.  It has some for the old Marvel fans has some for the new ones.  Regardless I have faith in the Marvel machine.  They have done nothing but succeed.  I find no reason to doubt them now.
Male 2,098
I think this movie is specifically made for Disney's "tween" audience. Not sure how well it will do, but I'll prob watch it because...reasons.