Someone In The NBA Is Finally Shooting Underhand Free Throws!

Submitted by: fancylad 1 year ago in Sports

I don't know why more NBA pros don't shoot their free throws granny-style anymore -- it's proven that the OG technique yields better results, but it just doesn't look cook in today's slick, fast-paced game. But I think it's elegant and gentlemanly, and it was good enough for Wilt Chamberlin and Rick Barry. Barry was the last pro to go granny in 1980 with a .8931 lifetime free throw average, currently the 7th best in the NBA.

Anyway, this is Chinanu Onuaku's first time at the line in his first ever NBA game, and he sank both granny style -- the first NBA player to use the underhanded free throw since Barry in '80. He's already upped his average from 46.7 percent to 58.9 percent. 

You can't argue with numbers, especially if you're a rookie struggling for a spot on the bench.
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