Did Obama Write The Most Popular Scientific Journal Article Of 2016?

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In the scientific journal article he wrote for the highly-regarded Journal of the American Medical Association over the summer -- United States Health Care Reform Progress To Date And Next Steps -- [Title too long, he needs an editor. Email me, Obama. -- Ed.], Obama's article is well worth a read, particularly the sections "Building on Progress to Date" and "Lessons for Future Policy Makers."

While the Affordable Care Act made some things better and some things worse, it has undoubtedly affected millions of Americans and has highlighted deep, systemic faults with America's healthcare system that any one law will never be able to fix.
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so a "scientific journal" deciding to print a fake science article by Obama stroking his own ego...is somehow a surprise?  THe scientific community has been so in-the-bag for Obama's global warming putsch....prepare for a wailing and gnashing of teeth as Trump mangers dismantle the fake part, and return to peer reviewed, viabe, truthful science, and programs that actually consider their economic benefit before being implemented.