It Takes A Hell Of A Lot Of Work To Make A "Saturday Night Live" Cold Open Happen

Submitted by: fancylad 1 year ago in Entertainment

This is the sort of behind-the-scenes "inside baseball" stuff that I love.

In this clip, you get to hear all the back and forth between SNL stage hands, stage managers, and producers hustling after the a typical cold open in order to get the next skit up after the commercial break. Being on camera is pretty cool, but I think it's a lot more exciting to a part of this crew, dressed in black, running around to make sure the trains run on time -- with very little public adulation (until this video). 

Check out the guy hopping the rug at the 1:34 minute mark -- this is not his first cold open break down. You kind of hope that the audience is applauding for the crew, not the show.
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and sadly all that effort seldom results in anything the slightest bit clever or funny....
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spanz because humor can only be quantified as viable by spanz. you changed my whole thought system