Craig Sager, The Bravest Man In The NBA, Passed Away Yesterday

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Casual fans won't recognize his name, but I've been watching Craig Sager during basketball season for a long, long time -- crazy suits and all. He passed away yesterday after a two-year fight with acute myeloid leukemia. He got it during the 2014 NBA Playoffs, he was able to push it into remission after his son was a match for a bone marrow transplant. In late March 2016 Sager announced his leukemia had returned. His doctors told him that he had three to six months to live without treatment so Sager went through treatment for a third time, and had another marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. He passed away yesterday at 65.

He improved any sporting event he was a part of. A lot of greats have left us this year -- Bowie, Prince, Ali, Shandling, Leonard Cohen -- Sager is sadly part of that list.
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I loved this guy. The way he approached his illness was inspiring. I almost made it all the way through this video before I got choked up. Damn this dusty office!
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yeah i was floored at how much this hit me. you see these people on tv and you almost think you know them. very sad