Frank Sinatra Wasn't So Keen On George Michael's 'Poor, Poor Pitiful Me' Routine, Baby

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Frank Sinatra wrote the letter below, presumably to Robert Hilburn who interviewed George Michael for the September 9 1990 Sunday edition of the "Los Angeles Times."

It's an interesting read -- Hilburn basically listens to Michael list off all of the cons of his newfound global fame after going solo with "Faith" which sold over 14 million copies, earned him a Grammy, and turned him into a household name. The fame also emotionally crippled Michael who had a nervous breakdown, then said he was ceasing all promotion for "Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1," including videos, tours, and all interviews, except this "Times" piece.

"It's quite simple, really," the singer said, sitting on the beachfront patio of his manager's Marina del Rey apartment. "I decided that the thing I really enjoy... the thing I really needed was my songwriting. I didn't need the celebrity."

I can imagine Sinatra sitting by his backyard pool in a white terrycloth bathrobe and snug swimming trunks, fresh from morning laps, reading the Calendar section of the "Times" over an impeccable breakfast cooked by his private chef. All of a sudden, Sinatra takes a sip of coffee, reads the first sentence of Hilburn's piece...

"What does George Michael have to complain about?"

...probably did a spit-take, then screamed for his personal assistant to take dictation. The following letter was sent to the paper -- on Sinatra stationary, no less...

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